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Homemade Quarter Pounder Garlic Burger

28 Nov

The other night I felt like eating a burger. A nice, homemade burger with a lot of fried onions (not deep fried). And so I went to the supermarket and bought some nice fat juicy burgers. It went for two quarter pounder garlic hamburgers. They were garnished with pepper on the side and were seasoned with garlic. And they tasted as good as it sounds! Because they didn’t had hamburger buns at the supermarket, instead I used regular white buns with poppy seeds on top. I wanted to make a simple burger with the meat as central focus, so I only used some fried tomatoes and fried onions.


The ingredients

I poured myself a nice glass of red wine to accompany me whilst i was cooking…

…and started to cut open the buns and putting them on the frying pan, with nice grilling ridges in it. When the buns were nice and crispy, I placed the hamburgers in the pan. Simultaneously, I got another frying pan and put a lot of baking butter in it. When the butter was melted, the onion (which was chopped in rings) was put inside.

Meanwhile, the hamburgers got that characteristic  grilling marks.

So I put in the tomatoes to fry them shortly.


When everything was ready I put the hamburgers on top of the crispy buns, then I put some onions and tomatoes on top and to top it off, I put some mayonaise and ketchup on top.

The final result


Khmer Lok Lak

27 Nov

Rice & Pasta is a small take-away shop in the old city centre of Delft. Not very suprisingly, they serve mostly rice and pasta dishes. But you can also pick a real Dutch stew with for example a meatball. The rice and pasta dishes come from all over the world. You could pick the Spanish meatballs, Portuguese Piri Piri or Corean Kimshi. The pasta is offered with for example bolognese sauce or salmon, but lasagne is also available.

A personal favourite is the Cambodian Khmer Lok Lak, a rice meal with stewed beef, vegetables and Cambodian spices. It’s a great option if you are looking for a take-away and still want a complete, good meal. A medium dish is 6,50 euros, which is a fair offer.

Rice & Pasta, Nieuwstraat 5, Delft

Broodje Leo

27 Nov

In the little town of Delft, a ‘broodje Leo’ is legendary. Besides a lot of meat and meals, butcher Leo van Vliet serves different kinds of rolls with a lot of different toppings. First, you choose between a pistolet, ciabatta or an italian roll. The toppings vary from meatballs with peanut sauce and roasted lamb with honey-mustard sauce to a ‘broodje gezond’. It doesn’t really matter what you pick, it all tastes good.

But my personal favourite is the italian roll with Greek chicken salad. This combination is a real classic, thanks to the lovely taste of the chicken and cucumber combined with mayonaise-garlic sauce.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about the amount of the salad you will get. And for only 2,50 euros it’s really worth the price.

See for yourself at Leo, Oude Kerkstraat 9

Homemade Fried Chicken

22 Nov

A few days ago I came home from university. Tired and hungry I began my search for food around the house. A bowl covered with an aluminum foil caught my eye. And what, to my great delight, did I find when I uncovered the bowl? Fried chicken!

I can guarantee you that it was a very pleasant discovery. After informing with what kind of coating mix the chicken was prepared, I found out it was an Indonesian style coating mix.

The ingredients were: tapioca starch, salt, herbs & spices and flavour enhancer. It tasted garlicky, a bit peppery and it was very crunchy. A good alternative for when KFC isn’t around.

Homemade Pistolet With Chicken Fillet

18 Nov

We need proteins. Not only do they work as a catalyst for chemical reactions in our body or as transportation in and out of body cells for all kinds of substances, most important is that they are an important building material for those huge muscles in, for example, our biceps. And who doesn’t want those?

That’s why a 200 g chicken fillet, with 20 g of protein per 100, is quite a good start. Divide it over two pistolets and you’ll have a good amount of meat per pistolet. Spice it up with some chicken spices and add some baked ham for that delicious extra flavour. Drown all of it in chili sauce for that spicy, but sweet taste.

And it sure tasted good. This is the kind of lunch that will help you through that long afternoon.

Maybe next time decorate it with some lettuce, cucumber or tomatoes. We do need vitamins too, right?

Kapsalon, Albo Leiden

17 Nov

Recently, a Dutch professor of urban history¬† stated that the ‘kapsalon’ will be part of the cultural heritage of Rotterdam. This because of the fact that the ‘kapsalon’ finds it origin in the city of Rotterdam. ‘Kapsalon’ translated literally means ‘barber shop’. The name is derived from a barber who went to the nearest food establishment and asked to have a box filled with chips and shoarma, the employee of the establishment suggested to put some cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on top. With the addition of some garlic sauce and sambal sauce. This happened around the year 2003 and it was the birth of a new high-calorie dish (although it isn’t as original as some people in the Netherlands may think. Think for example of the pita-gyros dish or the merida-gyros dish in Greece).

The dish quickly became famous and popular throughout the Netherlands and can since be bought in almost every fast-food store. Although originally the ‘kapsalon’ was served with shoarma, the version with kebab is more commonly found nowadays. The picture below is also a version with kebab instead of shoarma. The rest of the ingredients are similar to the original.

Because we both really like a ‘kapsalon’ once in a while, you probably will see a few more blogs about this high-calorie, but also high-satisfactory dish.

Homemade Tomato-Basil Bruschetta

17 Nov

This very simple bruschetta was made as a quick starter. The ingredients were some fresh basil, a ciabatta bread cut in half, some fresh garlich (okay, a lot of garlic because garlic is delicious) and some fresh chopped tomatoes. Oh and, some olive oil off course. The basil, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil were mixed together in a bowl and later placed on top of the ciabatta before it was placed in the oven. It was served hot and straight out of the oven.

Straight out of the oven!

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