Broodje Bert Burger

15 Nov

As this is a blog that is made by two persons, we thought to write our first post about a meal we had devoured together. In Amsterdam there is a very small, but very nice bread roll store called ‘Broodje Bert’. You can get a lot of different bread rolls there with different toppings. Some warm and straight out of the oven, others just served plain. Well, not really plain. What all rolls have in common is that they are richly dressed with fresh ingredients. Ham, omelets, lettuce, tomatoes, delicious sauces et cetera. We chose the speciality of the house, the ‘Broodje Bert Burger’: a bread roll, topped with cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, delicious sauce (couldn’t remember what kind of sauce it was) and last but certainly not least: lamb burgers.

The money shot!

The ‘Broodje Bert Burger’ was not only delicious, but also quite large for a bread roll. With a price of €6,- it isn’t cheap, but not very expensive either. The price is quite good for the quality and quantity you get in return.To conclude, whether you are hungover, desperately seeking for a good lunch or just looking for a good bread roll; the ‘Broodje Bert Burger’ is your thing.

Delicious bird-eye shot

It tasted as good as it looks

‘Broodje Bert’     Singel 321 Amsterdam


One Response to “Broodje Bert Burger”

  1. Terence February 1, 2013 at 09:06 #

    Hmmmmmmmmmm must be sooooo gooooooood!!!

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