Frikandel Speciaal XXL

15 Nov

Anybody who is from the Netherlands is familiar with the ‘frikandel’. For those who aren’t: A frikandel is a long sausage shaped snack, made out of minced meat that is deep fried before serving. According to a popular urban legend, a frikandel is made out of every piece of animal that nobody likes, from noses, udders and ears to brain and eyes.  In reality, the frikandel is made out of poultry and pork. Sometimes with the addition of horsemeat. Although the meat doesn’t consist of extreme parts like said before, it isn’t high class gastronomy either. The used meat is mostly meat that is left behind after filleting the animal, with addition of fat. This is later mixed with seasoning, water and some breadcrumbs before being deep fried. The result is an unhealthy but delicious snack.

In this case, we didn’t have a regular ‘frikandel’. This was a ‘frikandel’ XXL. It’s size is almost three times larger than a regular frikandel: 35 cm and 250 grams of meaty deliciousness. This ‘frikandel’ was served as a ‘Frikandel Speciaal XXL’ which means that it was served with ‘speciaal saus’, a sauce consisting of mayonaise, ketchup or currysauce (spiced ketchup) and raw onions. The price was around the same price as buying three individual ‘frikandellen'(about €4), so it wasn’t cheaper of more expensive than usual. It was more for fun than for anything else, well of course for the satisfaction of a good snack!

Compare the size to the knife!

Loooooong frikandel


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