Masala Chicken Wokki

16 Nov

Wok-to-go is a fast growing fast food chain in the Netherlands. At the moment it has nine branches spread all over the Netherlands. At Wok-to-go you choose between different dishes, served with noodles or rice. After your order, the employee gets the ingredients and fries it all together in a wok. Afterwards, your dish comes in a small box, named a ‘Wokki’. The below portrayed  dish was the ‘Masala Chicken’ which, as the menu says, consists of: “chicken breast with spicy aromatic curry from Kashmir”. The dish costed €5,95 which is a fair price for what you get. The ‘Wokki’ is filled until the top (as you can see) and you get a lot of vegetables and meat (which is something that can be quite different at other take away places). Also the sauce was quite nice and had a strong flavour (which is a good thing). This specific stored is located next to the main train station of Leiden. So when in a hurry, this is a very good alternative to other more unhealthy fast food.

Masala Chicken

‘Wok-to-Go’    Stationsplein 11 Leiden


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