Kapsalon, Albo Leiden

17 Nov

Recently, a Dutch professor of urban history  stated that the ‘kapsalon’ will be part of the cultural heritage of Rotterdam. This because of the fact that the ‘kapsalon’ finds it origin in the city of Rotterdam. ‘Kapsalon’ translated literally means ‘barber shop’. The name is derived from a barber who went to the nearest food establishment and asked to have a box filled with chips and shoarma, the employee of the establishment suggested to put some cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on top. With the addition of some garlic sauce and sambal sauce. This happened around the year 2003 and it was the birth of a new high-calorie dish (although it isn’t as original as some people in the Netherlands may think. Think for example of the pita-gyros dish or the merida-gyros dish in Greece).

The dish quickly became famous and popular throughout the Netherlands and can since be bought in almost every fast-food store. Although originally the ‘kapsalon’ was served with shoarma, the version with kebab is more commonly found nowadays. The picture below is also a version with kebab instead of shoarma. The rest of the ingredients are similar to the original.

Because we both really like a ‘kapsalon’ once in a while, you probably will see a few more blogs about this high-calorie, but also high-satisfactory dish.


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