Homemade Pistolet With Chicken Fillet

18 Nov

We need proteins. Not only do they work as a catalyst for chemical reactions in our body or as transportation in and out of body cells for all kinds of substances, most important is that they are an important building material for those huge muscles in, for example, our biceps. And who doesn’t want those?

That’s why a 200 g chicken fillet, with 20 g of protein per 100, is quite a good start. Divide it over two pistolets and you’ll have a good amount of meat per pistolet. Spice it up with some chicken spices and add some baked ham for that delicious extra flavour. Drown all of it in chili sauce for that spicy, but sweet taste.

And it sure tasted good. This is the kind of lunch that will help you through that long afternoon.

Maybe next time decorate it with some lettuce, cucumber or tomatoes. We do need vitamins too, right?


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