Broodje Leo

27 Nov

In the little town of Delft, a ‘broodje Leo’ is legendary. Besides a lot of meat and meals, butcher Leo van Vliet serves different kinds of rolls with a lot of different toppings. First, you choose between a pistolet, ciabatta or an italian roll. The toppings vary from meatballs with peanut sauce and roasted lamb with honey-mustard sauce to a ‘broodje gezond’. It doesn’t really matter what you pick, it all tastes good.

But my personal favourite is the italian roll with Greek chicken salad. This combination is a real classic, thanks to the lovely taste of the chicken and cucumber combined with mayonaise-garlic sauce.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about the amount of the salad you will get. And for only 2,50 euros it’s really worth the price.

See for yourself at Leo, Oude Kerkstraat 9


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    […] be, because my fellow blogger already blogged about it quite some time ago (you can read that post here). It is one of the many bread rolls that you can choose in Delft at Leo’s. But I had never […]

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