Homemade Quarter Pounder Garlic Burger

28 Nov

The other night I felt like eating a burger. A nice, homemade burger with a lot of fried onions (not deep fried). And so I went to the supermarket and bought some nice fat juicy burgers. It went for two quarter pounder garlic hamburgers. They were garnished with pepper on the side and were seasoned with garlic. And they tasted as good as it sounds! Because they didn’t had hamburger buns at the supermarket, instead I used regular white buns with poppy seeds on top. I wanted to make a simple burger with the meat as central focus, so I only used some fried tomatoes and fried onions.


The ingredients

I poured myself a nice glass of red wine to accompany me whilst i was cooking…

…and started to cut open the buns and putting them on the frying pan, with nice grilling ridges in it. When the buns were nice and crispy, I placed the hamburgers in the pan. Simultaneously, I got another frying pan and put a lot of baking butter in it. When the butter was melted, the onion (which was chopped in rings) was put inside.

Meanwhile, the hamburgers got that characteristic  grilling marks.

So I put in the tomatoes to fry them shortly.


When everything was ready I put the hamburgers on top of the crispy buns, then I put some onions and tomatoes on top and to top it off, I put some mayonaise and ketchup on top.

The final result


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