Homemade Chicory With Ham And Cheese Out Of The Oven

1 Dec

In the Netherlands a typical vegetable is chicory, although it is not very popular especially amongst children. The reason for this is because it is a very bitter vegetable when eaten on its own. I learned to love eating it at my girlfriends house and since then sometimes I am really in the mood for some chicory. But. Not chicory on it’s own. Oh No. The trick is, as with most of vegetables that children don’t like, to serve it with something else. Normally, this means some kind of sauce. With chicory, the best way to serve it is wrapped in ham and cheese out of the oven. Firstly, you should cook the chicory. This already makes it less bitter. Then, you should take a oven bowl and place cheese on the bottom. Then you wrap your cooked chicory with ham and place it on top of the cheese. Lastly, put some more cheese on top of the wrapped-in-ham chicory. When you take it out of the oven, it looks like this:

Best way to eat it is with some form of potatoes and a piece of meat. In my case, this resulted in some mash potatoes with gravy and some German style ‘stake’ (which is more something like a meatball). And some beer of course!


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