Singapore Prawn Wokki

2 Dec

At the Wok-to-go, once in a while they have specials. This time it was a special with prawns. I remember the name was Singapore Prawn, but I can’t recall exactly what was in it. I chose the noodles and the things I do remember were the prawns in cha siew sauce (a light sweet soy sauce). Although it doesn’t show on the photo, the meal was filled with prawns. Also, there were chunks of pork in it which is always a nice surprise. The meal also consisted of a lot of vegetables, but i can’t really remember which they were. Looking at the photo the vegetables that you can distinguish are leek, chinese cabbage and carrots. The only thing that was curious was that the sauce was more like a curry sauce, which is strange because I’ve had the cha sieuw sauce before. A mistake maybe? A bit spicier than expected, but it still tasted good so I didn’t mind at all.


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