Granada Restaurant Amsterdam (‘Unlimited Tapas’ Part 2)

10 Dec

As you could read in the ‘Unlimited Tapas’-post, last Thursday was my birthday. Unfortunately I had a class that evening so it didn’t really felt like my birthday. But to cheer me up, my girlfriend said that we would go out for dinner. I was expecting to have a nice quiet dinner with her but that wasn’t in store for me at all. To my great surprise she had secretly called all my friends and arranged a surprise-tapas-dinner. An UNLIMITED-surprise-tapas-dinner! What better way to celebrate a birthday then to have a dinner with all of your friends and your girlfriend while the food just keeps on coming! As you already could read it was delicious. We tried lots of things from Spanish raw ham, marinated pork on the grill, to a Spanish omelet. Because it was a very special occasion we have a double post on this unlimited tapas dinner and I have included some extra photos!

Pieces of chicken in garlic sauce

Yes it looks a bit like cauliflower, but it sure is chicken.

Deep fried chicken with bbq-sauce

R. couldn’t get his hands of the chicks!

Spare-ribs with bbq sauce and some squid rings (calamari) in the background

Large shrimps with garlic

But we didn’t stop with just these dishes. We also had some chorizo in red wine sauce, mushrooms with garlic, marinated olives, some Manchego cheese, potatoes with garlic sauce, potatoes with spicy sauce, grilled chicken wings, Spanish ham croquettes and some grilled garlic shrimps. And surely i have forgotten some other delicious dishes.

A well spent evening it was!


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