Unlimited Tapas

10 Dec

Last thursday it was my fellow blogger’s birthday (congrats homie!) and what is a way better to celebrate it than eating? Unlimited eating, of course! So we went to restaurant Granada on the Leidsekruisstraat in Amsterdam. The restaurant serves unlimited tapas for 18,50 euros, the only limitation is three hours of eating time. But don’t worry, you won’t make the full three hours. After the second or third round of tapas you’re feeling like a nuclear bomb that is about to explode.

The first round are tapas all picked out by the restaurant, so you can try all the things that are on the menu. Everything you want is on the menu, from bread with aioli to meatballs in tomato sauce and from chorizo to grilled chicken wings.

Right now I would like to tell you what was my favourite, but I can’t think of anything that really stood out. It was all very delicious! Just go there, try everything and it is sure worth the money. The only disappointment was the beer price of 3,60 euros, that is a lot! But that is the result of having an unlimited dinner in the middle of the Amsterdam city centre.


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