Christmas Dinner at R-k’s Place [Special Edition Post]

22 Dec

Traditionally (I believe it started just last year) every year R-k invites friends over at his place to have a Christmas dinner. But it doesn’t really have anything to do with the birth of Christ. Nothing at all. In fact, it is just a lame excuse to have a party with all of our friends and eat a lot of food.  And with a lot of food, I mean a LOT of food! But for most people, that is what Christmas is about after all. Because this year not everybody could be present around Christmas (sorry guys…), we held the Christmas dinner/party at the tenth of December.

First of all, R-k really did try to get that Christmas feeling in his room. He placed some Christmas lighting on his couch…

…with my help he hung some Christmas lighting over his ‘because-this-is-a-old-house-someone-sometime-must-have-hung-himself-over-this-beam’ – beam…

…and finally, R-k even managed to get a Christmas tree:

So, the Christmas atmosphere was indeed around and even more then I had expected. R-k even bought some Christmas style napkins and a Christmas style table cloth. After we all settled down, the real work began: Food! For starters, R-k had made some Thai Chicken Soup:

Like a lot of food that we post on this site, it doesn’t really look that good. But believe me, it tasted delicious. It was nice and spicy. I don’t know the full ingredients, but here are some of them: lemongrass, mushrooms, peppers, coconut milk, chickenfilet and a Thai curry paste.

After this, R-k pulled out his ‘gourmetstel’ which I don’t know how to translate in English. But the purpose of this machine is quite obvious: grilling and baking food.

For the ‘gourmetstel’ we had different kinds of meat to put on top. We had chickenfilet, minced meat, some hamburgers and sausages. Very very important for us was to eat all these kinds of meaty deliciousness with a sauce. And if you know R-k, you know the kind of sauce that’s coming: Tzatziki. R-k’s famous ‘holy-sh*t-did-he-really-put-5(!)-large-cloves-of-garlic-in-the-tzatziki?!’ – tzatziki. Which after preparations looks like this:

But of course, we didn’t want our meat to be average and regular. NO! So I took our the chicken and took everything that could be used as a marinade. And yes, I put just about everything that was edible in our marinade. Chili powder, sweet soy sauce, pepper, salt, chicken spices, beef spices, ‘Maggi’ which I don’t have a clue what it exactly is but it is edible… you name it, I put it in. And the result was beautiful:

The next step was to put it in little pans on the ‘gourmetstel’:

R (not R-k) still can’t get his hand of the chicks!

The final result was this and oh yeah it was good:

Next course on the menu were some sausages which were already spiced so we didn’t had to do anything:

Of course, everything was eaten with the delicious garlicky tzatziki. Because our desire to get totally freaky on culinary level grew stronger, R-k and I decided that it was time to get our hands on the minced meat. Just like the chicken, everything that we could find was put in the marinade which resulted in something like this:

But… R-k decided that it wasn’t ready. He wanted to put the master-ingredient in it: garlic. And so that was done:

Including the garlic and some sweet soy sauce that I added this is how the minced meat looked:

Before we could put it on the ‘gourmetstel’ I made some meatballs out of the minced meat. And after that, the final unbaked result looked like this:

Ah.. and finally, finally, we could put it on the ‘gourmetstel’:

Afterwards.. we ate it with the tzatziki of course:

Pff.. although we were stuffed after all these meaty treats, we still had some to come! The next course consisted out of hamburgers which we spiced with all kind of herbs and ate once again with the tzatziki:

And finally… we still had some chicken in the kitchen which, believe me or not, almost didn’t get finished because we had so much food before:

And with that, our 2011 Christmas dinner party at R-k’s place ended.


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