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Christmas Food – The Things I Missed Out On [Special Edition Post]

28 Jan

When writing my post about my Christmas dinner in Singapore, I ended by saying that I was looking forward to eating the next day in the hawker centre. I was planning to write my next post about that dinner, but I forgot two important things. Firstly, there was of course lunch before I had dinner! And secondly, I wanted to post about all the great Christmas and New Years food that I missed because I went to Singapore.

Firstly the Turkey that my mother had bought for Christmas which I unfortunately missed out on. I believe it was stuffed this year with veal or some other kind of meat, but the combination of poultry and meat was something that I really would like to have tried but alas.

As you can see it was served with turkey gravy, vegetables consisting out of green beans and yellow and red bell peppers and baked potatoes with rosemary and thyme.

Another thing I missed out on was a Christmas breakfast at my girlfriends place. And no, that branch is decoration, not food. The breakfast itself consisted out of freshly squeezed orange juice, thee, coffee, all kinds of rolls and bread with eggs, salmon, ham and other delicious things.

Traditionally every year we go and have dinner with the grandparents of my girlfriend and usually we will go out for dinner. This year they went to Restaurant Floris V in Voorschoten which is a really good restaurant. I’ve been there before last year and the food was really good there. So while eating my sad Christmas dinner in Dubai at the McDonalds, my girlfriend send me this picture:

I wanted it so badly! Unfortunately I don’t know what it exactly was but doesn’t it look great? This is one of those places were a simple tomato just tastes so good and every ingredient is delicious by itself.

But the torture continued. While slurping on my Coca-Cola I received a second picture:

Normally the dessert isn’t my favorite part of a meal but this was one I would’ve liked to eat.

The great thing about Christmas is that there are multiple days were you eat with family. And so.. the next day of Christmas arrived which meant another picture of food that I missed out on:

My girlfriends mother went on the culinary tour and made this great looking dish. The meat was deer and it was served with figs, a quiche, chicory that was cooked in the juices of the pear and was wrapped in cheese, some green beans wrapped in bacon and pears that were simmered in red wine. Looks and sounds great!

Of course, I also missed out on New Years Eve in The Netherlands and so, I missed out on the famous and traditional ‘oliebollen’:

Accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine:

So, unfortunately I did miss out on some great looking and without a doubt great tasting food. But you can’t have it all!



A Christmas Meal – ‘Singaporean Style’ [Special Edition Post]

26 Jan

When I arrived in Singapore it was 12:00 Dutch time. I just had some breakfast in the plane so I wasn’t really that hungry but in Singapore it was already 19:00 which meant: dinner time. And who am I to refuse some food when it is offered? Since it was the first day of Christmas I was very eager to see what was in store for me. And it was a different Christmas dinner then what I would have got in The Netherlands to say the least.

First off we started with some sushi:

I don’t eat a lot of sushi but I do like it. I don’t think this sushi had something really special in it, but something that I really did like was the ginger that was served with it. There were pink colored sour tasting ginger slices which were surprisingly good with or without some sushi. The sushi consisted out of some surimi, omelet, salmon and I think some vegetarian variants.

Next up was some mushroom soup but I didn’t photograph this. The soup was extremely richly filled with all kinds of mushrooms. I only recognized the shiitake mushrooms but there were loads of different mushrooms.

Then the main course came which was a variant of the usual poultry like pheasant or turkey, namely duck. Peking duck to be precisely.

The duck, which was great, was served with a sweet soy sauce, some fried vegetables, rice and some eggs with sambal sauce. For sure an alternative Christmas meal but it was a great one at it.

For desert we had a fruit cocktail with all kinds of regional fruits from Singapore. In it were parts of mango, lychee, lengkeng and jeruk bali (which is something like a pomelo). As you can see in the upper left corner (although a bit unclear) I drunk an Anchor beer which if I recall correctly is a beer brewed in Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia.

So for my first day in Singapore I had an alternative Christmas dinner which tasted very nice. The best part though was that we had another ten days of eating ahead of us! And I was really looking forward to the next day because we would eat out in one of the typical hawker centers that Singapore has. And what I ate there…

From Amsterdam to Singapore: On Board Cuisine [Special Edition Post]

25 Jan

Amsterdam – Dubai

Finally I have the time to start writing about all the good things I ate on my vacation to Singapore and the Philipines. Before we get to all the really good stuff, I’ll begin where the journey began: in the plane. Because I flew with Emirates I had a layover in Dubai, which meant that I had to fly seven hours straight before landing. And in seven hours, you can get pretty hungry. So, when I got my menu (see picture above) I was very curious what laid in store for me. My mother had flown with Emirates last summer and before I left she said that the food was very good for airplane-food. Earlier experiences with airlines like KLM-Air France and Qantas had learned me that airplane-food can be really shitty so I had good hope this time. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. When opening the menu I read the following:


Appetizer: Smoked salmon served with vegetable couscous salad

Main Course: Chicken Breast grilled chicken breast served with a mushroom and leek sauce, accompanied with sauteed potato noodles and vegetables


Lamb Rendang Asian style lamb casserole, served with steamed basmati rice and sugar snap peas with red pepper

Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding moist sticky toffee pudding, with a rich toffee sauce

Drinks: Tea or Coffee


So looking at the menu you can say that it looks really good. Maybe even something you could find in a restaurant. As I really like lamb, I choose the lamb rendang. The only thing with airplane-food is that it is food that you get in an airplane. This means it gets served like a microwave meal and you have to eat it while being cramped between two people. But hey, at least it tasted really good, even for airplane food. And it looked like this:

To accompany my very first meal on this journey I decided to take a nice (small) bottle of red wine:

One of the very nice things that Emirates had to offer were these little stickers that you had to stick at your headrest when you were going to sleep. I especially liked the green one:

So there we have the beginning of this culinary journey. No other meals were served on this flight. Although¬† a selection of beverages were offered before landing. But this didn’t bothered me much because I had another flight coming up…with some more food!

Layover Dubai

Finally being in Dubai, I had to wait for about three hours before my plane to Singapore would leave. Feeling a bit hungry, my brother and I began our search for food. Since everything was extremely expensive (like most airports) we decided to go to the Burger King after seeing a sign. But we didn’t have any luck because the Burger King was closed. However, a bit further we found the biggest rival of the King: McDonald’s. The sad thing was that it was Christmas Eve when we arrived in Dubai, so this was our Christmas dinner. Later on I will make a post about all the delicious things I missed in The Netherlands because I had to travel.

Dubai – Singapore

After a few hours we left again on our way to Singapore. And after about two hours we received once again our menus. As with every Emirates menu it stated above:

Emirates invites you to enjoy its award-winning cuisine, complemented by the finest beverages from a selection of Wines, Spirits, Beers, Liquers & Soft Drinks (everything was complementary except champagne which was 8USD).

That of course is a nice way to start a menu. For this flight our on board meals were a sandwich and breakfast. But that sounds a lot simpler than it was,  this was what the menu said:


Cajun Chicken wholemeal panini bread roll filled with Cajun flavored chicken and creamy egg mayonaise

Lemon streusel muffin

Tea or Coffee


Available anytime on request


Fruit: Fresh seasonal fruit

Main course: Scrambled eggs with chives served with golden fried rosti potato, lamb sausage and a light tomato and chili relish


Prawn dumplings steamed dumplings topped with a julienne of vegetables, stir fried egg noodles and rich chopsuey sauce

Croissant served with butter and preserve

Beverages: Tea or Coffee

First of all I got the Cajun Chicken panini which was a bit dry and cold, but it still tasted okay since I was hungry again. The chocolate muffin was really good though. And I’m not really a fan of sweet stuff.

For breakfast I chose once again for the lamb, this time in sausage form. The photo is red because of the on board light and since it was very early they didn’t turn the bright lights on (I didn’t use my flash because my neighbors were sleeping). The egg was a bit disappointing in taste, quite simple and tasteless but the chili relish made this a bit better. I liked my sausages, although baked sausages would have been better, but hey, it’s a plane right?

I can conclude by saying that the food at Emirates is above average in comparison with other airlines. If food would be of such importance that you would choose your airline by it I would definitely recommend Emirates (but then you would also have to take a look at Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines). In all, even the on board food was a good start of my culinary journey. But in Singapore the journey really began…

On Board Snack – An appetizer for what’s coming

22 Jan


In a couple of days I will begin to post about my culinary journey in Singapore and the Philipines. Like a real appetizer, the goal of this post is to still your hunger but also make you waiting for what is coming. Beginning at the on board meals the journey will take you to sushi, duck, crab, chin chow, luchon and a lot, lot more. So keep a close eye on the blog!

Froot Loops

17 Jan



Who even wants this as breakfast? I don’t! It is really too sweet for me. But in some countries they are also a popular late night snack. As the name already hints at, the ring shaped cereals (loops) taste like all kinds of fruit. In the United States they are quite popular and chances are you already heard about Froot Loops because of television, songs or films. Here in The Netherlands they are not popular and I believe that they aren’t even sold in regular supermarkets. God knows how they sneaked into my house, but they just sit there on the shelf because nobody wants to eat them.

Late Night Snack: Fried Cheese

17 Jan




Last night I had to stay up all night because I had a paper deadline to catch (still haven’t slept since) and my mother came to me around 23:30 asking me if I wanted some fried cheese. Yeah I would like some! For those of you who have never eaten some fried cheese, try it! It’s a salty, savoury snack.

Cordon Blue and potatoes

16 Jan

It is one of those days you have to stay at school until the guards come by to close the building. To stay fresh and keep the energy a good meal is vital. The food at my faculty of the university is usually complete crap, but today was a pleasant surprise. They served cordon blue with potatoes and some vegetables. Simple, but nice. As an extra I bought a little salad to keep up the vitamins. For 4,50 euros it is a good way to start studying for the rest of the evening.

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