Bistro Baguette Bolognaise

11 Jan

While my fellow blogger lives in the centre of Delft and has a few good shops for sandwiches and buns  in the area, I live in a part of Leiden where only a few shops sell sandwiches and buns. So when I am looking for a nice lunch and when I am too lazy to go to the centre of Leiden, I’m doomed. So one day, walking in a supermarket, searching for something decent to eat, I stumbled upon this pizza-baguette by Bistro. I saw the bolognaise version and, not shy to try something new, bought it.

When unpacking the box, these two frozen pizza-baguettes came out. As you can see the topping consisted out of some tomatoes, minced meat and cheese. The base consisted out of the baguette with tomato sauce on top.

After baking the baguettes for a minute of 15 they came out like this:

I probably took them a bit to early out of the oven since the cheese didn’t melt everywhere. For something that was bought and came out of the freezer, it was okay. Not very good, not bad and if you are too lazy to go to a good sandwich shop, you shouldn’t complain. Also the price was reasonable I guess, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. If I can recall correctly there is also a salami version which I did like better.


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