Vietnamese Egg Roll

12 Jan


When eating an egg roll, the Vietnamese egg rolls that are being sold from a cart are the most delicious. No Chinese egg rolls and no deep frozen and later deep fried egg rolls will ever beat the Vietnamese ones. Served with a (sweet) chili sauce they are a delicious snack. This particular egg roll was bought at the cart in the middle of the Haarlemmerstraat in Leiden. The price for an egg roll was 1 euro which is the average price in Leiden. Once in a while my mother buys ten of these just to have as a snack. I can’t wait for her to do that again very soon!


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    […] Lemon Grass is a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu in Cebu City. The restaurants looks modern and new from the inside and having a glance at the menu shows that they offer a wide variety of both Thai and Vietnamese food. A combination which sounded great for me since I don’t really eat a lot of Thai or Vietnamese food (except for the occasional Vietnamese egg roll). […]

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