A Christmas Meal – ‘Singaporean Style’ [Special Edition Post]

26 Jan

When I arrived in Singapore it was 12:00 Dutch time. I just had some breakfast in the plane so I wasn’t really that hungry but in Singapore it was already 19:00 which meant: dinner time. And who am I to refuse some food when it is offered? Since it was the first day of Christmas I was very eager to see what was in store for me. And it was a different Christmas dinner then what I would have got in The Netherlands to say the least.

First off we started with some sushi:

I don’t eat a lot of sushi but I do like it. I don’t think this sushi had something really special in it, but something that I really did like was the ginger that was served with it. There were pink colored sour tasting ginger slices which were surprisingly good with or without some sushi. The sushi consisted out of some surimi, omelet, salmon and I think some vegetarian variants.

Next up was some mushroom soup but I didn’t photograph this. The soup was extremely richly filled with all kinds of mushrooms. I only recognized the shiitake mushrooms but there were loads of different mushrooms.

Then the main course came which was a variant of the usual poultry like pheasant or turkey, namely duck. Peking duck to be precisely.

The duck, which was great, was served with a sweet soy sauce, some fried vegetables, rice and some eggs with sambal sauce. For sure an alternative Christmas meal but it was a great one at it.

For desert we had a fruit cocktail with all kinds of regional fruits from Singapore. In it were parts of mango, lychee, lengkeng and jeruk bali (which is something like a pomelo). As you can see in the upper left corner (although a bit unclear) I drunk an Anchor beer which if I recall correctly is a beer brewed in Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia.

So for my first day in Singapore I had an alternative Christmas dinner which tasted very nice. The best part though was that we had another ten days of eating ahead of us! And I was really looking forward to the next day because we would eat out in one of the typical hawker centers that Singapore has. And what I ate there…


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