Christmas Food – The Things I Missed Out On [Special Edition Post]

28 Jan

When writing my post about my Christmas dinner in Singapore, I ended by saying that I was looking forward to eating the next day in the hawker centre. I was planning to write my next post about that dinner, but I forgot two important things. Firstly, there was of course lunch before I had dinner! And secondly, I wanted to post about all the great Christmas and New Years food that I missed because I went to Singapore.

Firstly the Turkey that my mother had bought for Christmas which I unfortunately missed out on. I believe it was stuffed this year with veal or some other kind of meat, but the combination of poultry and meat was something that I really would like to have tried but alas.

As you can see it was served with turkey gravy, vegetables consisting out of green beans and yellow and red bell peppers and baked potatoes with rosemary and thyme.

Another thing I missed out on was a Christmas breakfast at my girlfriends place. And no, that branch is decoration, not food. The breakfast itself consisted out of freshly squeezed orange juice, thee, coffee, all kinds of rolls and bread with eggs, salmon, ham and other delicious things.

Traditionally every year we go and have dinner with the grandparents of my girlfriend and usually we will go out for dinner. This year they went to Restaurant Floris V in Voorschoten which is a really good restaurant. I’ve been there before last year and the food was really good there. So while eating my sad Christmas dinner in Dubai at the McDonalds, my girlfriend send me this picture:

I wanted it so badly! Unfortunately I don’t know what it exactly was but doesn’t it look great? This is one of those places were a simple tomato just tastes so good and every ingredient is delicious by itself.

But the torture continued. While slurping on my Coca-Cola I received a second picture:

Normally the dessert isn’t my favorite part of a meal but this was one I would’ve liked to eat.

The great thing about Christmas is that there are multiple days were you eat with family. And so.. the next day of Christmas arrived which meant another picture of food that I missed out on:

My girlfriends mother went on the culinary tour and made this great looking dish. The meat was deer and it was served with figs, a quiche, chicory that was cooked in the juices of the pear and was wrapped in cheese, some green beans wrapped in bacon and pears that were simmered in red wine. Looks and sounds great!

Of course, I also missed out on New Years Eve in The Netherlands and so, I missed out on the famous and traditional ‘oliebollen’:

Accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine:

So, unfortunately I did miss out on some great looking and without a doubt great tasting food. But you can’t have it all!



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