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IKEA Swedish Meatballs

28 Feb

This week is my holiday and of course that has to be celebrated. So I went to the IKEA and ordered their world famous Swedish meatballs. Apart from all the young couples buying furniture for their first own house, a lot of students go to the IKEA because of the cheap food. For ten of these Swedish meatballs, you’ll pay only 2,95 euros. Not bad for a complete meal, right? Because I was quite hungry, I chose the fifteen meatballs option. Image

It is served with fries and cranberry sauce. On top of the meatballs is a nice cream sauce, and a Swedish flag for some real authenticity. But I have to honest with you, this are not the best meatballs I ever had. Most of the flavor comes from the cranberry and cream sauce. But, with the price in the back of your mind, it is a good lunch for free days.


Play Food Set – Tasty Gourmet

18 Feb


The only way playing with food is allowed.

Local Food? Not So Much Today, Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao [Special Post]

18 Feb

Another lunch from Le Panorama Restaurant. This time it was a not so healthy and non-local lunch (except for the pork belly dish) but once again, great indeed. I haven’t got a picture of all the great dishes above but I will guide you trough all the dishes on the basis of the picture above. On the left you can see a German style curry sausage. More about this dish below. On the right you can see sausages put these were plainly grilled and without the curry sauce that the other dish had. As a matter of fact, those sausages were Hungarian style sausages and the difference was in the taste of the sausage. Both were spiced differently. On the bottom you can see a nice burger which was served with some vegetables and sauces (although this one seems to miss it). The burger as well as the sausages were served once again with the crispy fries that had accompanied a few more dishes during our stay. On the top right you can just about see the grilled pork belly (lechon), that I have posted on earlier. Also all the dishes were accompanied by a Olivier salad and some vegetables.

From the dishes above the German style Currywurst was mine. Next to the fact that it sounded good to me, I chose the dish with another reason. Since the owner of the resort was a German, I assumed that if Currywurst was on the menu he would have an eye on the preparation of the dish. Currywurst from a German is the way you have to eat it! The only thing was still  that I was in The Philippines and that the only German around wasn’t the chef. But still, after tasting the dish, I must conclude that indeed the owner had some input in the dish because it was really good. The curry was a tomato sauce/ketchup with just the right amount of curry powder blended through it. It was just like tomato ketchup with a little extra spicy touch. Very tasty.

While choosing my drink for my lunch I stepped aside from the regular San Miguel beers and chose a soda for once. I saw ‘Royal’ mentioned on the menu and since I hadn’t got a clue what it could be I ordered it to find out! ‘Royal’ proved out to be a orange soda somewhat similar to ‘Fanta’. It turned out that the similarity to ‘Fanta’  wasn’t a coincidence. ‘Royal Tru‘ as the brand really is named, is part of the Coca-Cola family and is only available in The Philippines.

Dinner from Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao

17 Feb

Yes indeed. Dinner time! Dinner time once again from Le Panorama Restaurant at our hotel. Let’s have a better look at the different dishes.

This was our salad. Consisting out of the regular lettuce and cucumber, the salad was fancied up a bit by adding parts of mango and fried feta cheese. The addition of mango and fried cheese gave this salad definitely a nice, refreshing, different touch.

The dish above was goulash with rice. I know, why eat a Hungarian dish while being in The Philipines? Well as I stated in an earlier post, we had to eat a lot at Le Panorama Restaurant since our resort was situated on a remote hill. The menu of the restaurant was a fine combination of local food and European dishes so it was inevitable to have a non-local dish at one point. Also, I was very curious if the chef could make a dish that wasn’t local. Well, he could. He could very well indeed.

When you see the dish above it could either be fried onion rings or calamari. It was the latter. Crispy, tasty, juicy deep fried squid rings.

And at last crispy home made fries with grilled (look at the grill marks!) steak and a garlic herb butter. Although the dishes are quite varied everything was made very good. Soft meat in the goulash, the calamari were crispy and the steak was tender and juicy. Once again the chef made our dinner a good one.


The Prawn Farm in Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City, Bohol [Special Post]

17 Feb

One of of the days in The Philipines we wanted to go to a mall. Just to see how that was compared to the rest of the city, and to have lunch of course. We went to the Island City Mall which is a (as I have read in the previous link) prestigious shopping mall. Two things stood out when we went there. First the location. I don’t know if the taxi driver went on a scenic route but it looked like the mall was in a quite remote area. Secondly, the security. When entering the mall you had to took of any bags and had to show the (many) guards what was in it. Also you could get frisked if you looked a bit suspicious. Even inside the mall there were various guards at the different stores. Apparently, buying a book in the National Book Store is risky business:

In the middle you see a cop. With a gun. As a guard. In front of a BOOKSTORE!

To determine were we would go for lunch we used our travel guide(s) and we saw that The Prawn Farm was well recommended. The restaurant looks really nice from the outside (and inside) and seems fancier than the name suggests. When entering you have tanks filled with fresh lobsters, crabs, shrimp and fish on your right just waiting to be prepared for you. I couldn’t wait to order some seafood!

But first. Drinks. I ordered a fresh watermelon shake which not only looked good, but tasted very good as well:

After the drinks our first food arrived. This was something we hadn’t ordered. It was complimentary from the restaurant because we had ordered above a certain fixed price. I believe this amuse-bouche was water spinach (kangkung) that was dipped in dough and then deep fried. It was served with a whisky-cocktail sauce. Although deep fried this amuse-bouche was very light on the stomach. A delicious, crispy beginning of our lunch:

Next came the grand dish. Although The Prawn Farm has great seafood, it also serves (great) meat. Our main dish was a variety of grilled food ranging from seafood to meat. On our plate were absolutely great tasting grilled shrimps. They were prepared with a salty and spiced kind of powdered marinade which was really finger licking good. Also on our plate was grilled white fish (can’t remember what it was exactly), really sweet deliciously marinated sate and as a grand finally a grilled crab (can’t do wrong with crab:

Everything on that plate was delicious. We ate all the grilled deliciousness with rice and a side dish of grilled vegetables and it deserves a special mention since the vegetables were good. I am not a real vegetable fan, but this was simple but good.

All in all I would say that we had a great lunch at The Prawn Farm and I can understand why it was recommended. Something that is also worth mentioning is that the restaurant looks quite fancy, and the food is good, but the prices are very reasonable. The price-quality ratio was very good and after pleasing your stomach it is also very nice to not hurt your wallet for once.

Chicken Tikka Soup

16 Feb

In Holland it is usual to eat only hot meals for dinner. Breakfast and lunch consist most of the time of bread. Personally, I am not a big fan of this typical Dutch culture, I like all my meals hot! That is why I make a soup for myself quite often as a lunch. Well, maybe ‘make’ is a big word: Unox does that for me. I really like their Chicken Tikka soup. A spicy soup with a strong curry flavour to it. Combined with some yoghurt and coriander, the taste is very rich. Eat it with a hot baguette and your lunch is complete!

New York Pizza, Amsterdam

16 Feb

One of the best things of going out in Amsterdam is that you can buy food everywhere before you go home. Look for example at those beautiful burgers from the Burger Bar a few posts ago. This post may be a bit less state of the art, but let me assure you everything tastes good at 5 am. So does a Pizza Shoarma from New York Pizza! Especially the extra spices I added myself make this a top-notch snack for late night partyers like you and me.


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