Crayfish Laksa and Island’s Home Made Chin-Chow [Special Edition Post]

1 Feb

While being in Singapore, one of the things we had to do was to have a look at the malls on the famous Orchard Road. There are a lot of them! After walking around and grasping the atmosphere of Orchard Road, it was time to have some lunch. For lunch we walked into one of the malls on Orchard Road called Tangs. On the top floor inside of Tangs there is a café called Island (check the menu). For lunch, I wanted to try something typical Singaporean and the crayfish laksa was something that was recommended. So of course, I tried it.

As you can see on the menu, The crayfish laksa is ‘Island’s most identifiable signature dish, a rich & spicy coconut gravy with thick vermicelli, prawns, quail eggs, fish cake, cockles & crayfish’. There was also the option to not have the crayfish in it, but I wanted it with crayfish.. if only for the reason that it was called crayfish laksa.

For drinks I ordered the homemade Chin-Chow. Simply because I didn’t have a clue what it was or what it could be. This is what I got:

I got a glass filled with grass jelly and a brown colored drink which didn’t really taste like anything. I also got a small pot, similar to a tea pot but smaller, filled with a syrup made from sugarcane. I had to pour the syrup in the brown liquid to sweeten it. I did know the grass jelly from other drinks in Indonesia but this combination was a first for me. I can’t say that I really liked it nor that I disliked it. Something to taste for yourself for sure.

After a while I got my crayfish laksa. I compared the picture form the menu to what I got on my table.

This was the picture from the menu:

And this was how my dish looked like when I got it:

You cannot really see it on my photo but I can tell you that the bowl was humongous. And not only that, it was really richly filled with all kinds of seafood. Although stated that it would be spicy, I found it quite mild actually. Yes it was a bit spicy but not that much. This wasn’t a bad thing though because I don’t even want to know how much your mouth would burn if this was indeed really spicy because it was such a large bowl. The other thing you have to consider before ordering a laksa like this is that you must like coconut. The thick soup-like gravy has a very strong coconut flavor so after a while this can be quite overwhelming. The bowl was so large and the laksa so stuffed with rice vermicelli and seafood that I couldn’t even eat it all. All in all it was a successful lunch especially because of the delicious, richly filled laksa.


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