Pita Gyros – Canteris

1 Feb


Tonight I drank some beers with an old friend of mine.

A large one!

Then we drank some more and some more until it was time to part again. Because today I was too lazy to make some dinner I hadn’t eaten anything, so I decided that it would be smart to eat something with all those beers in my stomach before going to bed. I knew that there was a Greek restaurant on my route home and I decided to stop there for a pita gyros. The restaurant is called Canteris and they specialize in Greek food. For 4 euros you get a pita gyros which was what I ordered. The man behind the counter grabbed a pita and put it on a grill then he took some meat out of a metal container and put that also on the grill. The first thing that came to my mind was: ‘how will all that meat ever fit in the pita?’. That question would soon be answered since it didn’t fit at all. Which was a very good thing. The pita was put on a paper napkin, then the man smeared tzatziki all over the pita, he put all the meat on the pita, he put some onions, tomatoes, lettuce and fries on top and then he tried to roll everything into a wrap. He tried this as good as he could but the thing was just stuffed with meat and vegetables and the final result is shown above. And believe me when I say it tasted really good!


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    […] having told everybody of the delicious pita gyros that can be bought at Canteris in Leiden, I decided to buy some and visit my friend R. for lunch so […]

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