Burger Bar – Amsterdam (Part 2)

6 Feb

As my fellow blogger had written in his recent post about our nightly escapade to the Burger Bar, I went with him. So my fellow blogger wasn’t the only one who had the delicious chance of eating one of the best burgers/late night snack I had ever eaten. But I didn’t chose the same burger as my fellow blogger. For my custom made burger I went for the 200 grams of Irish Beef which was €4,95. Then I had to choose some toppings and from every delicious toppings that the Burger Bar offers I had to make a decision since my wallet told me to do so and although all the beer that night and my stomach told me to choose every topping on the menu my wallet still won so I had to choose. My decision fell on some cheddar (€0.90), grilled onions (€0,65), jalapeños (€0,65) and bacon (€0,95) (burgers are custom topped with tomatoes, pickle and homemade burger sauce). All in all it had cost me €8,10 and even though this could be the most expensive burger I have ever had (for a single burger),it was also one of the very best I have ever tasted. Highly recommended!


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