Nasi Lemak – Budget Terminal, Changi Airport

7 Feb

When I was in Singapore I also went to The Philipines. So I had a vacation in a vacation. For this  short trip we took Tiger Airways which is like the Easy Jet, Transavia or Ryan Air of Singapore. So it is a relatively cheap airline. To make you feel extra cheap, the terminal where Tiger Airways departs from Changi Airport is called the Budget Terminal. But, like most things in Singapore, even if it’s cheap its still good. We went with a new plane and we didn’t have any problems or any delays so Tiger Airways was fine. The point that I will be focusing on is the Budget Terminal of Changi Airport.

We came to the airport fairly early and we didn’t have had any real breakfast. In the Budget Terminal there are different kinds of places where you could buy your breakfast. From sandwiches, bapao to rice, they have got it. Since we were in Singapore I decided to skip a simple sandwich and look for a nice rice dish. At first I tried to order a warm rice dish which had some meat in it but the woman at the stall told me that those dishes were only made at a later point during the day. The cooking machines weren’t turned on yet on this early hour. So…I walked around and looked for something else. I saw these folded banana leaves and from experience I knew there was a great chance that it would contain rice.

So I bought it and like it should at a Budget Terminal, it was cheap. How cheap I can’t recall but it was cheap. After opening it looked like this:

I know. It doesn’t look tasty at all. As a matter of fact. It looks literally like shit. But it didn’t taste like shit and it looked a lot better in reality. But still I opened my banana leaf package and saw this and didn’t had any clue what the name of this dish was. I saw rice, some dried salty fish, sauce that was sambal and some fried fish. I asked my father and he told me it was a variety of  Nasi Lemak. A dish commonly eaten in the region of Singapore and one of the national dishes of Malaysia. It is a dish which contains rice, sambal, dried anchovies and cucumber and can then be accompanied with other things like different kinds of fish, chicken or vegetables. The version I ate was very simple but very good. The sambal was a bit sweet but also still spicy. There was enough of it to became a bit like a sauce because otherwise the dish could have been to dry. The fish was also great because otherwise it would have been too simple and vegetarian. I liked my breakfast and with this in my stomach I was ready to go to The Philipines.


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