Roomservice from Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao [Special Edition Post]

8 Feb

Our first dinner in The Philipines was one I was looking forward to. We didn’t had much time to eat all day so I was starving. Since our resort was on top of a hill, and the main city was downhill, we had quite some dinners at the hotel itself. Fortunately, their cook was good. As you can see above, this were the dishes we ate. I will get to them individually although I cannot recall exactly what everything was. It has been a while now and I was stupid enough not to make a picture of the menu.

This dish above was actually the dish I chose. For my first dinner in The Philipines I wanted to try a national dish and quickly I saw the ‘adobo’. Adobo is more of a way of preparation then an actual dish. Therefore, there are many variants. From what I have read and heard, adobo is the cooking of food with a marinade or sauce that usually consists of garlic and vinegar. From that point on, it can be elaborated with all kinds of ingredients, but it is always a kind of stew. As you can see my adobo was served with plain white rice and my adobo was pork if I recall correctly.

Ah, this dish was one we’d liked a lot. We ate it several times. This was also a local (and national) dish called ‘lechon’. Lechon is a whole roasted suckling pig and it is a very popular dish in the area were I was. The pig is normally rotated on a skewer. This specific lechon dish was made from the pork belly. The pork itself was really tender and crispy as you may see. It was served with white rice and a sauce that I think was a bit sweet and sour.

Well this one speaks a bit for itself. You can see some tentacles on the right so you probably guessed rightly that it indeed was squid. But it wasn’t just regular squid, it was stuffed squid. I can’t recall with what it was stuffed, I think with vegetables, but it tasted good. A very important thing with squid is that you have to eat it as fresh as you can because otherwise it will taste like rubber. I can tell you that this squid was very fresh since it was tender and positively chewy and not rubbery at all.

For our salad we went a bit from the local path we had traveled with the other dishes since this was a Greek salad. Consisting out of lettuce, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and feta cheese the salad tasted like most Greek salads, good.

The Greek salad wasn’t the only European dish that was eaten that night. Also this dish: spaghettia ‘aglio e olio’ which was spaghetti with olive oil and garlic.

I will end with my drink. I chose a local San Miguel beer. I chose the San Miguel Lemon Flavour just to give it a try but as you could expect which a name like that, it was a bit sweet. I chose it with Corona in my mind but it was more a lemonade-beer thing. I found it okay. I could imagine me drink a cold one of these at a beach whilst the blistering sun would make me look for refreshments but as a drink with my pork adobo it wasn’t as succesful as my imagination.

I was glad to have had the chance to eat some local food at our restaurant although it wasn’t of course as ‘local’ as going into town and eat at one of the stalls or restaurants. Still a good dinner I must say.


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