Dinner from Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao

17 Feb

Yes indeed. Dinner time! Dinner time once again from Le Panorama Restaurant at our hotel. Let’s have a better look at the different dishes.

This was our salad. Consisting out of the regular lettuce and cucumber, the salad was fancied up a bit by adding parts of mango and fried feta cheese. The addition of mango and fried cheese gave this salad definitely a nice, refreshing, different touch.

The dish above was goulash with rice. I know, why eat a Hungarian dish while being in The Philipines? Well as I stated in an earlier post, we had to eat a lot at Le Panorama Restaurant since our resort was situated on a remote hill. The menu of the restaurant was a fine combination of local food and European dishes so it was inevitable to have a non-local dish at one point. Also, I was very curious if the chef could make a dish that wasn’t local. Well, he could. He could very well indeed.

When you see the dish above it could either be fried onion rings or calamari. It was the latter. Crispy, tasty, juicy deep fried squid rings.

And at last crispy home made fries with grilled (look at the grill marks!) steak and a garlic herb butter. Although the dishes are quite varied everything was made very good. Soft meat in the goulash, the calamari were crispy and the steak was tender and juicy. Once again the chef made our dinner a good one.



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