Local Food? Not So Much Today, Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao [Special Post]

18 Feb

Another lunch from Le Panorama Restaurant. This time it was a not so healthy and non-local lunch (except for the pork belly dish) but once again, great indeed. I haven’t got a picture of all the great dishes above but I will guide you trough all the dishes on the basis of the picture above. On the left you can see a German style curry sausage. More about this dish below. On the right you can see sausages put these were plainly grilled and without the curry sauce that the other dish had. As a matter of fact, those sausages were Hungarian style sausages and the difference was in the taste of the sausage. Both were spiced differently. On the bottom you can see a nice burger which was served with some vegetables and sauces (although this one seems to miss it). The burger as well as the sausages were served once again with the crispy fries that had accompanied a few more dishes during our stay. On the top right you can just about see the grilled pork belly (lechon), that I have posted on earlier. Also all the dishes were accompanied by a Olivier salad and some vegetables.

From the dishes above the German style Currywurst was mine. Next to the fact that it sounded good to me, I chose the dish with another reason. Since the owner of the resort was a German, I assumed that if Currywurst was on the menu he would have an eye on the preparation of the dish. Currywurst from a German is the way you have to eat it! The only thing was still  that I was in The Philippines and that the only German around wasn’t the chef. But still, after tasting the dish, I must conclude that indeed the owner had some input in the dish because it was really good. The curry was a tomato sauce/ketchup with just the right amount of curry powder blended through it. It was just like tomato ketchup with a little extra spicy touch. Very tasty.

While choosing my drink for my lunch I stepped aside from the regular San Miguel beers and chose a soda for once. I saw ‘Royal’ mentioned on the menu and since I hadn’t got a clue what it could be I ordered it to find out! ‘Royal’ proved out to be a orange soda somewhat similar to ‘Fanta’. It turned out that the similarity to ‘Fanta’  wasn’t a coincidence. ‘Royal Tru‘ as the brand really is named, is part of the Coca-Cola family and is only available in The Philippines.


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