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Gulai Kambing

31 Mar

Although this does not look appetizing (yet!), whenever I see this in the fridge I know I’m going to have a great meal that evening. Because lamb meat is always good! And especially in a dish called gulai kambing, which is something like a lamb stew.

Since I never have made it myself I don’t know exactly how to make it. First thing though is putting some bumbu (a paste made with different spices) into a hot pan:

The next few steps consisted out of adding the meat, water and coconut milk into the pan. Some extras were added to make it at least a little bit photogenic:

Preferably served with rice, the final dish looks like this:

Believe me when I say that it tastes so much better than this pictures make it look! Tender lamb with a stew full of spices, just great.


REBLOG: Chicken Latino’s ‘Lechón Sandwich”

28 Mar

Check this great post out! A great review combined with a photo that makes you want to eat that sandwich this instant!


Chicken Latino, a restaurant I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog, is one of the best places to find authentic Latin American food. Known for their Peruvian cuisine, literally anything and everything you order there will make your taste buds explode and your stomach crave more. The place is, naturally, known for it’s peruvian-style chicken and the fantastic burritos and quesadillas that the chicken often finds itself in. However, something you probably wouldn’t expect to find at a Latin American restaurant is barbecue done to perfection, but oddly enough, that’s exactly what  I reviewed the first time, and is what I’ll be reviewing this time. First it was barbacoa beef brisket, now it’s lechón, or slow-roasted pork, better known to barbecue-heads as pulled pork.

I honestly don’t know how the head chef at Latino does it; it seems to defy all logic. But believe me when I say this is…

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Kreativ Blogger Award Nomination

23 Mar

Today we got a comment by Christina Bentley telling us that she had nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger Award! It was a real surprise but we are very happy that our love for food has been appreciated. To accept your nomination you have to follow a set of rules. The rules are the ones below:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide the link:

Hereby we want to thank you, Christina Bentley, for your support and your compliments. For those who don’t know, Christina Bentley is an American copywriter living in the United Kingdom. Her posts are very varied and they give you an interesting look in the live and thoughts of herself. Make sure to check out here blog: The After Dream’s Blog.

2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers would find interesting:

– I, Arnoud, am always trying to eat as much different things as I can. There aren’t a lot of things I wouldn’t try eating. From fried chicken guts to tripe soup and chicken feet, I’ve eaten it all.
– We, Arnoud and Gijs, know each other from grammar school. We’ve known each other know for about seven years now.
– When we go out together we always end up eating. A lot.
– I, Arnoud, always need meat or fish for dinner. A vegetarian dinner is a no-go. Let’s say that counts for Gijs too.
– I, Gijs, like to eat hot food everyday, all day. When other people have a hangover and can’t eat anything, I want the biggest burgers. Thanks to great discipline I haven’t reached the 100kg mark haha.
– When we don’t go out, we eat. Even more.
– We also have another blog, Dude What’s My Groove?, about our love for music. Check it out and maybe it will be nominated some day too.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers, let them know that they’ve been nominated and provide their links:

Marinating Online
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Hong Kong Nom Nom
Twisted Sunshine
Bucket List Publications

Greek Pizza, New York Pizza Amsterdam

23 Mar

It is late at night, you just walked out of a club in Amsterdam and you need to take the night train back to Leiden and Delft. So what do you do? Will you take the night bus to Amsterdam Central Station? Will you choose to take a taxi? Maybe even a bike taxi? No. You choose to walk to Amsterdam Central Station and decide to stop at almost every place on the way where they sell food. This sounded like a good idea at the time, but afterward it sounds like a bad idea for both financial issues and health issues. The sheer pleasure of eating all the food made it worthwhile though.

After having visited the Burger Bar in Amsterdam, so good!, we went on and stopped at New York Pizza. Here I bought a slice of the Greek Pizza which is a pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled gyros, fresh white cabbage and a creamy, fresh tzatziki sauce. On the counter they had some sprinklers filled with Italian herbs, garlic powder and chili powder. As you can see on the photo, the sprinklers kind of toppled over and I spilled a lot of it on my pizza. This resulted in having a mouth that was on fire for the rest of the night and a garlic breath until the next day. But it didn’t matter. We had a great night. It was all worth it.

Tuincafé Intratuin

22 Mar

A few days ago I went with my girlfriend to the Intratuin. Intratuin is the largest chain of garden centres in The Netherlands, but we weren’t going there to buy plants or flowers. No, we went there to eat! In my quest for food no place and no food is forgotten so even the Tuincafé (garden café) of the Intratuin gets a visit. My girlfriend wasn’t hungry so she settled for the ‘seasons coffee’ which was coffee with white chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, decorated with pieces of chocolate and a piece of kruidkoek (a Dutch cake made of rye, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg).

Unlike my girlfriend, I sure was hungry! I ordered the ‘panini of the month’ which was more like a grilled cheese sandwich than a panini. The bread was landbrood which is a soft bread with a crunchy, chewy crust. The bread was grilled (look at those grill marks!) so it became even more crunchy. The topping was coburgerham which is a salty German ham and brie cheese with a touch of basil and zucchini. As a side dish they gave tomato ketchup in a small bowl and some pickled vegetables.

Although the sandwich was a bit salty (the combination of the salty ham and the brie), the taste was quite good and I liked the fact that it was different from the usual ham and cheese grilled sandwich. I found it a very successful visit and I’m sure to drop by once in a while to have a coffee or eat a sandwich again.

Lunch at the Henann Resort, Alona Beach, Panglao

22 Mar

If this isn’t one of the best places to have lunch then what is? Sitting at a table, surrounded by palm trees and looking out over the sea. Yes indeed, the setting was great. But…how was the food? Good. Really good.

It was quite a surprise if the food would be good because when we went to the beach we sat down at some beach beds quite randomly. For approximately 10 euros per person we got ourselves per person a beach bed, a beach parasol, a table and two drinks. As I couldn’t see how the hotel looked liked, and how the kitchen looked like, the ordering of our lunch was quite a gamble. It could have been good, it could have been bad. How glad I was that it turned out to be good!

Of course, being at the sea, what could be better then some (fresh) seafood for lunch. I ordered fish (I can’t recall what kind of fish) and it was served with sauteed vegetables and rice that had something special in it. The stupid thing is that I can remember that there was something special with the rice, but I can’t recall what it was. I vaguely remember that it was garlic rice (after writing it down I am quite sure it was garlic rice). What I do remember was that it really was delicious. What a good choice! The rice had lots of flavor and the fish was really soft. It almost melted on my tongue.

I now had the food for my stomach, but I also had to look around because the views around me were pure eye candy. When I looked up I saw the palm trees hanging over us.

And when I looked around I saw more palm trees and a beautiful beach:

As for the lunch, this is what my brother ordered:

A triple club sandwich. Three slices of bread with bacon, eggs and other things, whiskey sauce?, some garnishments and chips. Looks really good don’t you think? Although I still am quite happy with my choice.

All in all: a lunch that gave me food for my stomach and food for my eyes. A great lunch.

Another night, another dinner – Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao

14 Mar

Another night, another dinner. My goal to eat everything on the menu (or at least as much as possible) was getting closer and closer. Whilst looking back at the pictures I’m trying really hard to remember what everything was, but since it is getting more and more in the past I’m having trouble to recall what everything was. One thing is for certain and that is that one of us decided to have a non-Philippino dinner with the pizza:

Let’s have a better look at the dishes:

I don’t have a clue what this dish was. As you can see it was served with the standard rice, but this time also with some sauteed vegetables. The meat could be either chicken or pork, I truly can’t remember. But it was undoubtedly good since I didn’t eat anything there that didn’t taste good.

Next up is this dish:

What it is? Once again I haven’t got a clue, but if i could, I would try it again immediately to find out. Some kind of stewed meat I guess with some sliced and diced tomatoes and carrots.

The last dish was a pizza:

It seems as a strange choice to order a pizza in the Philippines, but with a chef like this, I think it was a safe choice. Even the pizza’s were good!

And finally, of course a salad:

Lettuce, teriyaki chicken and some mango to top it off.

And so we had another great dinner from Le Panorama restaurant.

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