Frosticcino at Coffee Dream; Island City Mall

4 Mar

After walking around in the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City, we settled down at the Coffee Dream for a cup of coffee. The Coffee Dream was a open stall with seats in front were you could sit and watch everybody who was buying their stuff. A look at the menu made me decide to try a Frosticcino, a coffee based, chilled blend.



I had the choice between a short one and a tall one and I chose the short one, priced at 75.000 Philippine pesos (1 euro 30).



For this price, who can complain? You get a nice tasting, cool refreshing drink with a dot of whipped cream on top. Why go to Starbucks and pay forty-eight hundred and one euro for a frappuccino when you can go to a Coffee Dream? Of course, there lies the problem. Coffee Dream can solely be found in The Philippines.



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