Another night, another dinner – Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao

14 Mar

Another night, another dinner. My goal to eat everything on the menu (or at least as much as possible) was getting closer and closer. Whilst looking back at the pictures I’m trying really hard to remember what everything was, but since it is getting more and more in the past I’m having trouble to recall what everything was. One thing is for certain and that is that one of us decided to have a non-Philippino dinner with the pizza:

Let’s have a better look at the dishes:

I don’t have a clue what this dish was. As you can see it was served with the standard rice, but this time also with some sauteed vegetables. The meat could be either chicken or pork, I truly can’t remember. But it was undoubtedly good since I didn’t eat anything there that didn’t taste good.

Next up is this dish:

What it is? Once again I haven’t got a clue, but if i could, I would try it again immediately to find out. Some kind of stewed meat I guess with some sliced and diced tomatoes and carrots.

The last dish was a pizza:

It seems as a strange choice to order a pizza in the Philippines, but with a chef like this, I think it was a safe choice. Even the pizza’s were good!

And finally, of course a salad:

Lettuce, teriyaki chicken and some mango to top it off.

And so we had another great dinner from Le Panorama restaurant.


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