Lunch at the Henann Resort, Alona Beach, Panglao

22 Mar

If this isn’t one of the best places to have lunch then what is? Sitting at a table, surrounded by palm trees and looking out over the sea. Yes indeed, the setting was great. But…how was the food? Good. Really good.

It was quite a surprise if the food would be good because when we went to the beach we sat down at some beach beds quite randomly. For approximately 10 euros per person we got ourselves per person a beach bed, a beach parasol, a table and two drinks. As I couldn’t see how the hotel looked liked, and how the kitchen looked like, the ordering of our lunch was quite a gamble. It could have been good, it could have been bad. How glad I was that it turned out to be good!

Of course, being at the sea, what could be better then some (fresh) seafood for lunch. I ordered fish (I can’t recall what kind of fish) and it was served with sauteed vegetables and rice that had something special in it. The stupid thing is that I can remember that there was something special with the rice, but I can’t recall what it was. I vaguely remember that it was garlic rice (after writing it down I am quite sure it was garlic rice). What I do remember was that it really was delicious. What a good choice! The rice had lots of flavor and the fish was really soft. It almost melted on my tongue.

I now had the food for my stomach, but I also had to look around because the views around me were pure eye candy. When I looked up I saw the palm trees hanging over us.

And when I looked around I saw more palm trees and a beautiful beach:

As for the lunch, this is what my brother ordered:

A triple club sandwich. Three slices of bread with bacon, eggs and other things, whiskey sauce?, some garnishments and chips. Looks really good don’t you think? Although I still am quite happy with my choice.

All in all: a lunch that gave me food for my stomach and food for my eyes. A great lunch.


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