Kreativ Blogger Award Nomination

23 Mar

Today we got a comment by Christina Bentley telling us that she had nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger Award! It was a real surprise but we are very happy that our love for food has been appreciated. To accept your nomination you have to follow a set of rules. The rules are the ones below:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide the link:

Hereby we want to thank you, Christina Bentley, for your support and your compliments. For those who don’t know, Christina Bentley is an American copywriter living in the United Kingdom. Her posts are very varied and they give you an interesting look in the live and thoughts of herself. Make sure to check out here blog: The After Dream’s Blog.

2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers would find interesting:

– I, Arnoud, am always trying to eat as much different things as I can. There aren’t a lot of things I wouldn’t try eating. From fried chicken guts to tripe soup and chicken feet, I’ve eaten it all.
– We, Arnoud and Gijs, know each other from grammar school. We’ve known each other know for about seven years now.
– When we go out together we always end up eating. A lot.
– I, Arnoud, always need meat or fish for dinner. A vegetarian dinner is a no-go. Let’s say that counts for Gijs too.
– I, Gijs, like to eat hot food everyday, all day. When other people have a hangover and can’t eat anything, I want the biggest burgers. Thanks to great discipline I haven’t reached the 100kg mark haha.
– When we don’t go out, we eat. Even more.
– We also have another blog, Dude What’s My Groove?, about our love for music. Check it out and maybe it will be nominated some day too.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers, let them know that they’ve been nominated and provide their links:

Marinating Online
By the (cook)book
Hong Kong Nom Nom
Twisted Sunshine
Bucket List Publications


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