Gulai Kambing

31 Mar

Although this does not look appetizing (yet!), whenever I see this in the fridge I know I’m going to have a great meal that evening. Because lamb meat is always good! And especially in a dish called gulai kambing, which is something like a lamb stew.

Since I never have made it myself I don’t know exactly how to make it. First thing though is putting some bumbu (a paste made with different spices) into a hot pan:

The next few steps consisted out of adding the meat, water and coconut milk into the pan. Some extras were added to make it at least a little bit photogenic:

Preferably served with rice, the final dish looks like this:

Believe me when I say that it tastes so much better than this pictures make it look! Tender lamb with a stew full of spices, just great.


One Response to “Gulai Kambing”

  1. smallindulgences April 11, 2012 at 02:05 #

    yum! I love lamb! good stuff.

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