Lunch at Teriyaki Boy, Cebu City

11 Apr

Oh boy. Its Teriyaki Boy! This is an alternative to all those fast food restaurants around. A great alternative! The restaurant looks good, the food tastes great and it is also quite cheap. What more do you want? Oh, something less greasy than a burger or some fries? Check! With a large menu and thus a large choice of dishes you can make it as greasy as you want.

Since their takeover by the Pancake House Group they underwent a large rebranding (as their site states). The brand mascot can be found everywhere in the restaurant. Due to the new look the restaurant does look modern and hygienic, which is nice, but I was more thinking about the fact that Teriyaki Boy should better deliver some good food!

First of all I ordered a refreshing watermelon shake:

It was cool, refreshing and sweet. Its so much better to drink this than an ordinary coke with your lunch.

What you see above is something that is quite commonly seen in Japanese cuisine. It is called a bento. It is a box shaped container filled with all kinds of food, but typically filled with rice, some meat or fish and vegetables. It is often taken to school as lunch, but it is also sold at shops and in convenience stores. In this case, it was sold in The Philippines at Teriyaki Boy and it was called the Teriyaki Boy Bento. What is in it? I will quote their website:

“Our best seller and specialty. Grilled boneless chicken marinated with our special teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, kani salad, sesame moyashi, coffee jelly and your choice of iced tea or soda.”

What caught my eye was what you see at the very bottom. That dark substance with whipped cream on top. Something that looks a bit out of place when you see the rest of the lunch in the bento. It was, as you could read, coffee flavored jelly. I tasted it, but it wasn’t really my kind of thing. If I remember correctly the (kani) salad was very richly topped with a kind of mayonnaise which was also something unusual. I believe you can see that in the right top corner. Maybe the mayonnaise was a bit over the top. Unusual food isn’t negative though, everything was eaten until the very last bite since it was really good.

This was my lunch. It looks a lot less than the bento right? It was. I can’t really recall why I chose to eat only some ramen, but that doesn’t really matter. Flavor wise it was a very good choice. The soup was very tasty, it really tasted like some strong broth. The ramen were excellent since they were perfectly chewy and the chicken was really full of flavor since it was marinated with their teriyaki sauce. As their website states:

“Our signature Teriyaki Boy Chicken, served on top of your choice noodle (Ramen or Udon) and soup base (Shoyu or Miso).”

I chose the Shoyu soup base, which was a good pick.

All in all I would say that this is a franchise that I would visit quite often if it would be around in The Netherlands, unfortunately they are only located in The Philippines. In my everlasting quest for good food, it seems that I will have to find it elsewhere in The Netherlands.


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