Turkish Pizza from Ak-Mir Döner, Leiden

15 Apr

Earlier, I posted about a Turkish Pizza filled with lambdöner. This time, it’s just a plain Turkish Pizza and it’s from another place. As said before, a Turkih Pizza is dough in pizza form which is topped with minced meat and vegetables. These vegetables were red and green peppers and probably some onions. After ordering it, they put the already made Turkisch Pizza in the oven to warm it up. After getting it out of the oven they asked me what I wanted on top (of my regular Turkish Pizza) and after replying: “everything”, they put lettuce and onions in it and topped it all with sambal sauce and garlic sauce. This is then rolled up into a wrap and rolled into aluminnium foil. I got my Turkish Pizza and followed R. to his place were I unwrapt it and took a delicious bite out of it:

A Turkish Pizza is always a great fast-food snack for on the go because of its relative cheap price (around 1,50-2,50 euro) and its high mobility. The only thing you should think about is the smell of the garlic sauce, which is always a tricky thing when you have an appointment with somebody.


One Response to “Turkish Pizza from Ak-Mir Döner, Leiden”

  1. jenniferwrennifer May 29, 2012 at 12:36 #

    This looks absolutely delicious. My stomach is rumbling after reading this…I’m going to have to go and search Sydney for somewhere selling Turkish pizza! Fab stuff!

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