A Bread roll with Martino and Smos and a Croque Monsieur at ‘t Berekieke Antwerp

19 May

The first time I was in Antwerp I went to see all the city’s highlights and I had a satisfying but full planned few days. Therefore, this time I went to do some other, more relaxed things. One of those things was to check out the Kinepolis, a large cinema on the outskirts of Antwerp. They have huge screens with great sound in very large screening theaters. If you like film, make sure you check the Kinepolis out when you are in Antwerp.

But we were a little early at the Kinepolis and we decided to have some quick lunch before the film started. Around the Kinepolis there are a few restaurants and one of those was ‘t Berekieke. The picture above shows a bread roll with martino and smos. If you are asking yourself what smos is, that is exactly what I thought. I had seen smos being advertised throughout all of the city and I was very curious about what it could be. When the bread roll above was being served I still couldn’t figure out what it could be. My guess was that it was the sauce on the bread roll, my girlfriends guess was that it was the heap of vegetables on my bread roll. She was right. It indeed turned out to be that smos is a name for a type of topping consisting out of vegetables and slices of egg. The martino part of the bread roll meant that it was topped with steak tartare, piri-piri, tabasco, cayenne pepper, pickles, salt, ketchup, mustard, worcestersauce and diced onions. This combination makes it a tad spicy bread roll with a mouthful of vegetables and just enough meat for the right flavor.

The other dish was a classic Croque Monsieur: two slices of grilled white bread topped with ham and cheese. As condiments ‘t Berekieke added a bowl of salad and both tomato ketchup and mayonaise. Simple, familiar, but always good.

With this lunch in our stomachs we were now completely ready for our cinematic experience in the Kinepolis.


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