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Korean Cuisine at Ya Zhou Café in Singapore

17 Oct

The Ya Zhou Café is a Korean restaurant in the ‘basement’ of the Suntec City Mall, next to the Fountain of Wealth. As you can see on the picture below, the menu consist of a card with pictures of dishes. I seriously cannot recall what was on the menu, but just check out the pictures of the food!

That plate above was served sizzling hot. And seriously, the sound of a stack of beef sizzling away on a plate sounds like the best symphony you could compose. The beef was slightly seasoned with spicy herbs and other spices that I couldn’t identify, but it tasted great.

The dish above was a mie soup with a beef broth. Also served with a significant amount of beef. Great.

Add some Tiger beer to the meal and it makes it instantly better.  The only thing I didn’t quite like was the soup that you can see above on the right. It was more like a broth, but it tasted a bit strange. It had a powdery, grainy ingredient which wasn’t really to my liking.

This was another delicious sizzling hot plate of meat. With this amount of meat and some rice your meal is going to get great. If you are a vegetables fan you really should order another dish since the microscopic touch of green on top were the only vegetables around.

On thing that was a great side dish was the kimchi that you can see on the bottom left of the picture above. Kimchi consist of fermented vegetables and it really does taste a lot better than it sounds.

This stewy dish was once again filled with meat, meat meat. Oh, great food times followed.


Ice cream in Singapore

8 Oct

After having some dinner in the food court next to The Fountain of Health in Singapore, we bought some ice cream as dessert. The ice cream I had as dessert (the one above) was delicious, but so much smaller than the one I should have ordered:

I don’t know what Gyuhii is and neither what Imo is, but look at that bad boy! 12 scoops of ice cream served with a whole lot of stuff. It’s a meal on its own.

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