Cheezy Pizza Flavor Crisps

12 Nov

It is kind of a funny thing. This post marks the beginning of a whole lot of other posts that will feature food that I ate this summer whilst traveling through Indonesia, and it is a post based on some strange flavored crisps and beer. Not really representing the fine cuisine of Indonesia, but it has a tale nonetheless. After arriving in Jakarta after a flight from Amsterdam, my girlfriend and I took a Blue Bird cab to our accommodation. Not that hungry, and quite tired, we ventured to a nearby 7-Eleven store and settled for a Bintang beer and something to snack: “Cheezy Pizza Flavor” crisps. At least it was a flavor that isn’t available in The Netherlands, but also not one that I am really eager to introduce here, if I remember correctly. Still, as a tired traveler settling with something to snack, a Bintang in my hand and the prospect of all the great food ahead, I went satisfied to bed…..and woke up after just two hours jet lagged like I have seldom been before.


2 Responses to “Cheezy Pizza Flavor Crisps”

  1. foodisthebestshitever November 12, 2012 at 23:41 #

    Too funny

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