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Bread roll with salami, chorizo, cheese and pickled bell peppers

30 May

2013-05-21 12.32.18

Well the title of this post alone, and the list of ingredients of this bread roll, is already quite a mouthful. This particular bread roll is my favourite when I am in need of a quick bite whilst traveling. For €3,- at De Broodzaak, you’ll get a bread roll with garlicky salami, salty chorizo, a slice of  tasteful cheese and the best part: the pickled bell peppers which taste both sweet and sour at the same time.


Dim Sum at Kee Lun Palace

28 May

Kee Lun Palace is as typical as it gets. It is a Chinese restaurant in The Hague’s Chinatown. As if that is not Chinese enough, all the guests there are Chinese. Except for me and my girlfriend… What this place differs from the average Chinese restaurant in Holland is better food and poor manners. First you write down the numbers of the food you want and without saying any word they are taking the paper and delivering the food. Not really a warm welcome.

So let’s get on with the food, which is way better. First we started with some Dim Sum, all kinds of different small plates like Chinese tapas. We had delicious bapao (so far for the disgusting bapao at the supermarket), gambas and some vegetables.Image

Then we continued with two bigger plates. One with delicious Peking duck with noodles, the other with pork and vegetables. Both of them were amazingly tasty.Image


After all we can conclude that you do not have to go for the most cozy and lovely place to Kee Lun Palace. However it is quite an experience. And the food is absolutely great, and that is what matters.

Fried Chicken and Chicken Congee

9 May


A slightly vague photo, I admit. The reason why is that this photo was taken outside, at nighttime in Jakarta. During the day, there was a parking lot for cars just around the corner of the place I stayed. But at nighttime? Chicken, chicken chicken! Specialized in chicken, this mobile restaurant pops out of nowhere during nighttime. On the left of the photo you see some ayam goreng (fried chicken) and in the right upper corner is a bowl of bubur ayam (chicken congee). Not only was the food tasteful, it was cheap too. But the best thing of all was just the possibility of sitting on a bamboo mat, next to the road on a warm Jakarta night and eating chicken with your hands.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich

6 May

Indonesia has fantastic food. That’s for sure. What is also certain is that you can buy this fantastic food almost everywhere, at anytime and for a very low price. So how on earth did I end up eating this beef pastrami sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts? Well, after a walk around Monas I got so hungry that I just wanted to eat something. And that’s when I saw Dunkin’ Donuts, conveniently located at Gambir train station. 1+1=2 so I ended up with a Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich. And somehow, this wannabe sandwich (with sambal!) did taste quite okay.

Qizini Spicy Beef Wrap

1 May

2013-04-17 18.24.40

After a sabbatical of about six months, I believe it is seriously time for some new posts. Although we stopped writing these few months, we didn’t stop taking pictures of all the lovely food around. Here’s just a little appetizer for what is coming. While waiting for a train on the train station of Weesp a sudden hunger struck me. Having the choice between a regular sandwich and this spicy beef wrap, my choice was easily made on the latter. Spicy beef in piri piri sauce, spring onions, cucumber and lettuce: I liked it.

2013-04-17 18.25.42

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