Dim Sum at Kee Lun Palace

28 May

Kee Lun Palace is as typical as it gets. It is a Chinese restaurant in The Hague’s Chinatown. As if that is not Chinese enough, all the guests there are Chinese. Except for me and my girlfriend… What this place differs from the average Chinese restaurant in Holland is better food and poor manners. First you write down the numbers of the food you want and without saying any word they are taking the paper and delivering the food. Not really a warm welcome.

So let’s get on with the food, which is way better. First we started with some Dim Sum, all kinds of different small plates like Chinese tapas. We had delicious bapao (so far for the disgusting bapao at the supermarket), gambas and some vegetables.Image

Then we continued with two bigger plates. One with delicious Peking duck with noodles, the other with pork and vegetables. Both of them were amazingly tasty.Image


After all we can conclude that you do not have to go for the most cozy and lovely place to Kee Lun Palace. However it is quite an experience. And the food is absolutely great, and that is what matters.


One Response to “Dim Sum at Kee Lun Palace”

  1. foodisthebestshitever May 28, 2013 at 16:24 #

    Well said!

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