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A bun with smoked salmon, lettuce and cream cheese.

31 Jul

2013-07-08 16.58.36

After sitting in the sun for some time, my friend and I wanted to grab something to eat. He knew a nice place where they had great buns and sandwiches. When we got there, the place was unfortunately closed. Luckily for us, right across the closed store was another store where they sold buns. I ordered a bun with smoked salmon, lettuce and cream cheese. The most important thing was the salmon of course, which tasted fresh and not to salty. Although this wasn’t our first choice, we still got ourselves a nice and quick bun!


Pop Mie

6 Jul

2012-07-06 17.24.02

Pop Mie! You can’t leave Indonesia without seeing at least a dozen Indonesians eating Pop Mie on the streets/buses/trains/wherever. And it is easily understood why. It’s a cup filled with tasty instant noodles in all kinds of different flavours. It is quite handy to eat on the go and therefore a lot of Indonesians do so. Furthermore, you can buy it almost everywhere. Almost all little warungs (small shops) have it and sometimes you see people selling it on the streets and in trains. You just have to open the cup, add all the powdery spices and add some boiling water. Simple as that!

Sate Kambing

3 Jul

2012-07-02 21.40.28

This small brown package contains one of the best things you can eat in Indonesia: sate kambing! Small pieces of goat on a skewer, slowly grilled over a charcoal fire. After taking the skewers of the grill, a brown spicy peanut sauce is added. If you have never eaten sate kambing, you definitely should. It is fantastic. And although it tastes great, the sate I had wasn’t really photogenic. As you can see below…

2012-07-02 21.42.16

Doesn’t look appealing? Doesn’t matter! Because it is simply delicious!


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