Malaysia and Singapore

8 Aug

This summer I went on a study trip to Malaysia and Singapore. It was an amazing trip through two beautiful countries. While the others were focussing  on the local architecture and culture, I was… eating. So here is a small resume of all the local food.

Our trip started in Kuala Lumpur and here you see my first meal there at some local restaurant. I didn’t want to start that spicy so I took the beef in oyster sauce, served with rice and egg. Great start of the trip. The flavours are just more intense than anybody is cooking them here at home.


In Kuala Lumpur our group had a private bus and driver Patrick knew a good place for lunch. So he drove us to this big Chinese canteen where he ordered a mix of all types of food for us on these rotating plates. We had chicken in sweet sour sauce, beef, tofu in all kinds of sauces, spicy and mild. Everything was so delicious. That is when you find the best food: when it is adviced by the locals.



In Malaysia as well as Singapore we ate in a lot of food courts: big market halls with all kinds of little stands serving everything from Chinese, Indian or Arabian, and from frog legs to noodle soups. Below you see a dish from a food court in the Singapore business district. Here you could really see these food courts are used by everybody, both normal people and rich businessmen. I got my food from an Indian stand: sweet and sour chicken, spicy rice, some potatoes and a big naan bread. Tastes as good as it looks!



At the same food court we later saw this black chicken soup being served. Too bad we already had our lunch, I would be curious to try it.



At a small Arabian restaurant in Singapore I got this meal (which name I can’t remember unfortunately..). It is like a package filled with lamb meat, onions and all kinds of spices. It was delicious, especially combined with the sauce you can see. This was a medium size but already too big for me. Imagine how a large one would be! (and by the way, respect for the waiter who has to serve all this great food during ramadan!)



Last but not least, here in Holland I like my Doritos to be Nacho Cheese. In Singapore they take it a step further: what is better than Nacho Cheese? That’s right, Nacho Cheesier!


Looking back at all this food I know I have to go back to this place soon, very soon!



2 Responses to “Malaysia and Singapore”

  1. Sandra Nguy August 9, 2013 at 01:33 #

    I love singapore for all the delicious, varied, and cheap food! Was just there recently but youve made me want to go back already 🙂

  2. michelle picker August 9, 2013 at 05:08 #

    Thanks for liking my ‘mussels and prawns with chorizo’ post. The meal you don’t remember the name of is called Murtabak, influenced by Arabic Martabak or mutabbaq and widely sold in Malaysia and Indonesia by Muslim Indians.

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