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Barcelona Highlights

3 Oct

After having studied in Barcelona for six months in 2012, I went back this summer to freshen up my memories and enjoy the city again. I loved being back in the nice weather, around the nice people and enjoy the fantastic food!

On one of the first nights I went to Cinco Jotas, which is located in the arena at the Plaza d’Espanya. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the city’s best food here, but this teriyaki salmon was so good I had to come back later during the holiday. This meal was just perfect with a perfect piece of salmon and the best asian sauce I have ever tasted. The second time it was as great as the first time, so I can definitely recommend going there!

2013-08-11 22.11.33

I love the beach of Barcelona because it is so close connected to the city. Besides that, it is located close to Bo de B, the best sandwich store of Barcelona. Here you buy a big piece of bread, filled with any type of meat, fish and/or vegetables you want. Most of the time the sandwich can’t even handle everything in it. Plus, it’ll cost you only 3,50 euro which is an amazing price.

2013-08-14 17.35.03

During our stay the neighbourhood of Gracia was celebrating its own festival, a good reason to go (and eat) there. We went to a local place and ordered the hamburguesas. They were not served on a piece of bread, but as you can see on top of a salad. The burger and the salad were great, just as the patatas bravas!

2013-08-14 22.38.30

Again in Gracia, this is a picture from my favourite restaurant in Barcelona: Samsara. It serves tapas, not typical Spanish, but as a mix with influences from all around the world. So what you get are small portions with food from Africa to Asia. And they serve the best patatas bravas in the city, made of sweet potatoes and a sweet pesto sauce. This is definitely a must-go if you are in Barcelona!

2013-08-15 21.12.56

After living in Barcelona for six months it was nice to discover some new places and restaurants in the city. One of them was Ra, located in Raval. It is a beautiful place, hidden from the streets, perfect for eating or just having a drink. We ordered a mix of all kinds tapas. I can’t even remember what everything is, but I do recall the great vibe of Ra which makes it a place I would really recommend.

2013-08-16 22.26.45

Famous in Barcelona, Kiosko is the cities’ best hamburger place. They serve all kinds of burgers and let you choose the type of bread or extra ingredients. You can also buy some delicious potatoes to accompany your burger. Looking at this picture makes me hungry again for a big, fat burger at Kiosko!

2013-08-17 17.15.27

Want to have simple dinner or lunch? Go to the Pasta Bar in Gotico. Here you can design your own pasta, like the spinach tagliattelle with chicken you see on the picture.

2013-08-20 16.37.44

Most of time we had a bocadillo with ham or chorizo for breakfast, but this time we wanted something else. So we went to Maremagnum and had a fantastic crepe! You can pick your own ingredients out of a long list, both sweet and savory. I had one with vanilla ice and coconut, which was a great combination. Ofcourse this place is also opened for lunch and dinner.

2013-08-21 12.24.03

Great food, great people, great city. Oh man, I just love Barcelona.


Homemade paella

3 Oct

When I am eating at my girlfriends parents’ place I know I will not leave hungry. Some time ago they made this delicious paella. With a bright afternoon sun shining on our heads, it was just like I was back in Spain. It was made with original Spanish fideua, filled with vegetables and all kinds of seafood.


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