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Caribbean delight

19 Aug





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From February to July this year I stayed in Curacao, one of the Dutch Caribbean islands, to do an internship there. When we were done working or visiting the beach, a lot of times me and my girlfriend would go out to check the local cuisine. And we weren’t disappointed.. One of the typical local meals is Kabritu Stoba, goat stew, as you can see above. For a real local experience you should go to Marsha Bieu, an old food market in the city of Willemstad, where young, old, rich and poor come together to enjoy their food. When you are there, also make sure to try out the Steak di Wea!

Besides the local food, of course you also have a lot of possibilities to get some international food. Saint Tropez, a loungy restaurant with pool, has a sushi night every monday and they deliver great quality.

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Another place for great local food is Landhuis Dokterstuin, based in one of the typical countryhouses on the island. Here I also had Kabritu Stoba, together with a great salad.

2014-05-10 13.41.15

These super-shaslicks can be found at Equus. They are hung up at a rack at your table together with a piece of bread to take the meat of. Yum! 

2014-05-30 18.36.04

In June there is a Restaurant Week on Curacao, meaning almost every restaurant serves a special three-course dinner for an affordable price. We went to El Gaucho, a restaurant on a hilltop with an amazing view over the island. This Argentinian steak restaurant served a very delicious combination of their best meat and fish.

2014-06-08 19.49.22

This last picture might not be the most pretty, but it is not doing any right to the quality of the restaurant. It was taken at L’Aldea, which is the best all you can eat restaurant I have ever been to. The waiters are walking around with big pieces of different types of meat and they cut some slices of at your table. The quality of the meat is just amazing. Plus they have a great salad bar too!

2014-06-25 19.54.50

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