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Panini Diavolo at Assaggio Amsterdam

30 Apr

2014-04-30 09.44.30

As I was making my way to office this morning, I wanted to buy a sandwich on my way. However, there was a line at almost every place I entered and I wanted to make haste. Luckily I knew a place near the office and since I had never been there before, I found this a great opportunity to try some of their food.

The place is called Assaggio and it is located right in the centre of Amsterdam. Having had a quick look at their elaborate panini menu, I decided to go with their panini diavolo: a fresh ciabatta topped with spicy salami sausage (I don’t know what kind), parmesan cheese and rucola. The bread tasted really fresh as it was still crispy and not tough to chew. The spicy salami sausage was excellent, it was way more spicy than what is often called “spicy” in the Netherlands, and the parmesan was evenly great. The only downside was that they did not have rucola anymore (which was strange since I ordered my bun in the morning), so I got lettuce instead. And well, rucola just tastes better on a bun like this. But… since this tasted really good overall, I will definitely give them a second chance.


Frekedel Djagung from Toko Joyce

30 Sep

2013-09-06 13.24.59

Sometimes in between lectures, I need to have a quick snack. And when you are in Amsterdam, you have loads of choices for a quick bite. The other day I went to Toko Joyce, a toko (shop) in the centre of Amsterdam. Their frekedel djagung is described on their menu as a “spicy, vegetarian corn fritter”. After ordering it, they put it in the microwave to heat it up. After it is burning hot, you can take it with you to sit outside near a canal or sit in the toko. I cannot recall if the fritter itself was spicy, because I took every bite with the delicious sambal manis (sweet sambal) with it!

Friet from Frietsteeg

21 Aug

2013-08-06 17.42.03

Just looking at the picture above makes me hungry again! These friet (fries) are the best in Amsterdam. At least, the best I have tasted so far.

Not long ago R-s and I walked through Amsterdam looking for some fries. We walked to a shop that we wanted to try earlier, but once again it was closed. So we strolled on through the beautiful city of Amsterdam until the smell of freshly fried fries came into our noses. At the Frietsteeg, every day they chop up some fresh potatoes and fry them to perfect crunchiness. With that you have to choice of twenty-two (!) different sauces. The one you see above is samoerai sauce: a combination of mayonnaise and sambal. With or without a huge amount of sauce, these fries are incredibly delicious!

Bread roll with salami, chorizo, cheese and pickled bell peppers

30 May

2013-05-21 12.32.18

Well the title of this post alone, and the list of ingredients of this bread roll, is already quite a mouthful. This particular bread roll is my favourite when I am in need of a quick bite whilst traveling. For €3,- at De Broodzaak, you’ll get a bread roll with garlicky salami, salty chorizo, a slice of  tasteful cheese and the best part: the pickled bell peppers which taste both sweet and sour at the same time.

Döner Kebab at Dönerland, Amsterdam

21 Sep

After being absent on this blog for over two months, I’m back! The long absence wasn’t really planned, but unfortunately unavoidable. The good thing though is that I did not stop taking pictures of all the great, great food I ate. So, there is a lot to look out for.

But first this absolutely fantastic döner kebab I ate the other week. While visiting my friend N. we didn’t really wanted to cook and he told me he knew a place where they serve great döner kebab: “the best döner kebab of Amsterdam” to be precise;). Although I haven’t eaten enough döner in Amsterdam to really give it that title, I can assure you that it was the best that I have eaten in Amsterdam so far. Although I prefer veal above chicken when eating my döner kebab, N. convinced me to try the chicken. I was not disappointing. Oh what a great döner kebab it was. We settled for the large chicken döner kebab which costed 4 euros 50. This is not an expensive price since you will pay a lot more for a regular kebab at other döner places in Amstedam. Furthermore, what made it worth it were the big döner kebabs that we got which were not only filled properly with meat, but also had a great distribution inside. Don’t you hate it when you get a döner kebab that has all the meat on the bottom of the bun and all the vegetables on top? This döner kebab had both meat and vegetables evenly distributed which meant that you got a bit of both with every bite. Another really nice touch was that you had the sambal sauce and the garlic sauce on the table in a squeeze bottle. For those of you with experience, it means drowning your döner kebab in sauce after every bite!

To complete this simple yet delicious meal, the owners of the place offered us some Turkish tea since we were sitting in the place for our meal:

Yes ladies and gentleman, it was a great eating experience indeed.

Lemon Grass, Cebu City

25 Apr

Lemon Grass is a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu in Cebu City. The restaurants looks modern and new from the inside and having a glance at the menu shows that they offer a wide variety of both Thai and Vietnamese food. A combination which sounded great for me since I don’t really eat a lot of Thai or Vietnamese food (except for the occasional Vietnamese egg roll).

When scanning the menu for drinks I wanted to order something that I had never had before and my eye fell on the Thai iced tea. This surprising tea consists out of a strong tasting black tea that has been sweetened with sugar and (condensed?) milk. Plus, various spices are added to give it a very distinct taste.  Although refreshing (it is chilled with ice), the combination of spices, milk and tea was something to get used to. Since I thought of an iced tea (without milk) when I ordered it, I guess my taste buds weren’t really expecting this.

After already having some starters, the waiters came with these cones.

The cones made out of banana leaves and they were filled with rice.

It was just a nice touch to serve the rice.

This is the only dish that I can remember the name of: Chicken Pandan. The chicken was very juicy since it had been wrapped in Pandan leaves. And they were marinated deliciously. It was served with a chili sauce to give it a little extra bite.

I have absolutely no idea what this was. But doesn’t it look good?

I know these were the skewers that I ordered, but what kind of meat it was and with what kind of marinade is something I cannot recall exactly, but they were sweet and delicious though. I had in mind to find the menu online when I would be back in The Netherlands, but unfortunately Lemon Grass doesn’t have a website.

What I can say is that the food in all was really delicious and that I enjoyed our dinner there. And walking out of Lemon Grass I walked onto The Terraces which looked at that time like this:

You can’t complain when you walk into the night and see this after having a fine dinner.

Greek Pizza, New York Pizza Amsterdam

23 Mar

It is late at night, you just walked out of a club in Amsterdam and you need to take the night train back to Leiden and Delft. So what do you do? Will you take the night bus to Amsterdam Central Station? Will you choose to take a taxi? Maybe even a bike taxi? No. You choose to walk to Amsterdam Central Station and decide to stop at almost every place on the way where they sell food. This sounded like a good idea at the time, but afterward it sounds like a bad idea for both financial issues and health issues. The sheer pleasure of eating all the food made it worthwhile though.

After having visited the Burger Bar in Amsterdam, so good!, we went on and stopped at New York Pizza. Here I bought a slice of the Greek Pizza which is a pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled gyros, fresh white cabbage and a creamy, fresh tzatziki sauce. On the counter they had some sprinklers filled with Italian herbs, garlic powder and chili powder. As you can see on the photo, the sprinklers kind of toppled over and I spilled a lot of it on my pizza. This resulted in having a mouth that was on fire for the rest of the night and a garlic breath until the next day. But it didn’t matter. We had a great night. It was all worth it.

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