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Salmiak Lolly/Salty Liquorice Lolly

12 Jan


Remember this from you childhood? I used to eat those frequently at my local football club. In the canteen of the football club you could buy a small bag filled with candy. These kind of lollies used to be in it. These candy-bags used to be quite cheap (1 gulden 50 which is about 75 eurocents) and especially in comparison with the price of candy nowadays (the lolly costed me 25 eurocents on its own!). As the name already explains, ‘salmiak’ is liquorice that tastes salty. The lolly is made out of an outer layer that is more sweet than salty and which isn’t ‘salmiak’, but after a good while of sucking, the inner layer comes out which is made of ‘salmiak’ and has that distinct flavor. I never realised how strange this lolly was until now, since the descriptions makes this sound like a very strange kind of candy. I still like it though.

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