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Italian roll with Greek chicken salad

1 Jun

2013-05-01 15.55.10

Does this roll sound familiar? It could, because my fellow blogger already blogged about it quite some time ago (you can read that post here). It is one of the many bread rolls that you can choose in Delft at Leo’s. But I had never tasted it before and a few weeks ago I had the culinary pleasure to taste it for myself. Is it really worth a double post? Yes it is! An Italian bread roll, sliced open, topped with a large amount of warm (warm? Yes warm!), garlicky Greek chicken salad: it is very tasteful.



21 Jun

It’s been a while since my last post. A combination of laziness and too much time on the university put this blog on a pause. But in the meantime I had to eat of course. At one of these nights of studying I ordered myself a gyros platter from ‘De Kleine Bezorg Griek’ in Delft. When the food was delivered after about 45 minutes, this is what I got:

One bag of surprisingly well tasting fries, a pita and a box with a salad, tzatziki and a whole lot of gyros. This meal really is too much for one person, I think. However, studying until dark makes some higher powers within you rise up. So I left the salad for what it was and concentrated on the rest. I found out not only the quantity is good, so is the quality. The combination of the meat, tzatziki and onions is really delicious. It almost makes me want to study this night as well!

Kreativ Blogger Award Nomination

23 Mar

Today we got a comment by Christina Bentley telling us that she had nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger Award! It was a real surprise but we are very happy that our love for food has been appreciated. To accept your nomination you have to follow a set of rules. The rules are the ones below:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide the link:

Hereby we want to thank you, Christina Bentley, for your support and your compliments. For those who don’t know, Christina Bentley is an American copywriter living in the United Kingdom. Her posts are very varied and they give you an interesting look in the live and thoughts of herself. Make sure to check out here blog: The After Dream’s Blog.

2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers would find interesting:

– I, Arnoud, am always trying to eat as much different things as I can. There aren’t a lot of things I wouldn’t try eating. From fried chicken guts to tripe soup and chicken feet, I’ve eaten it all.
– We, Arnoud and Gijs, know each other from grammar school. We’ve known each other know for about seven years now.
– When we go out together we always end up eating. A lot.
– I, Arnoud, always need meat or fish for dinner. A vegetarian dinner is a no-go. Let’s say that counts for Gijs too.
– I, Gijs, like to eat hot food everyday, all day. When other people have a hangover and can’t eat anything, I want the biggest burgers. Thanks to great discipline I haven’t reached the 100kg mark haha.
– When we don’t go out, we eat. Even more.
– We also have another blog, Dude What’s My Groove?, about our love for music. Check it out and maybe it will be nominated some day too.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers, let them know that they’ve been nominated and provide their links:

Marinating Online
By the (cook)book
Hong Kong Nom Nom
Twisted Sunshine
Bucket List Publications

Chicken Tikka Soup

16 Feb

In Holland it is usual to eat only hot meals for dinner. Breakfast and lunch consist most of the time of bread. Personally, I am not a big fan of this typical Dutch culture, I like all my meals hot! That is why I make a soup for myself quite often as a lunch. Well, maybe ‘make’ is a big word: Unox does that for me. I really like their Chicken Tikka soup. A spicy soup with a strong curry flavour to it. Combined with some yoghurt and coriander, the taste is very rich. Eat it with a hot baguette and your lunch is complete!

Cordon Blue and potatoes

16 Jan

It is one of those days you have to stay at school until the guards come by to close the building. To stay fresh and keep the energy a good meal is vital. The food at my faculty of the university is usually complete crap, but today was a pleasant surprise. They served cordon blue with potatoes and some vegetables. Simple, but nice. As an extra I bought a little salad to keep up the vitamins. For 4,50 euros it is a good way to start studying for the rest of the evening.

Pizza Shoarma

18 Dec

Lazy days ask for lazy meals. At those moments, what is better than a good take-away pizza? So I went to Pizza Dennis, well known in Delft for their cheap pizza’s (five euros for students). They have all the usual stuff, like margherita, hawaii and funghi. But one of their real classics is the pizza shoarma. It is the kind of pizza which makes you feel fatter every bite you take. With the shoarma completely drenched in cheese and garlic sauce, that isn’t the weirdest thing. But it sure makes a good pizza!

Unlimited spareribs

13 Dec

After getting so excited of the unlimited tapas of last week, I got even more excited when I went to Breintje Beer in Delft yesterday. Breintje Beer is one part of the Beren franchise, which has about twenty restaurants throughout The Netherlands. Their speciality are the spare ribs. Breintje Beer has a special student discount: unlimited spare ribs for 10,90 euros. Not bad, right?

studentenkorting spare ribs

Unfortunately, my phone’s battery was too low to make a picture. So I can’t prove to you how delicious they are, so you’ll have to trust me on that. ┬áBecause the ribs really are good, served in piri piri, soy sauce, garlic butter, spicy and honey flavour. Every round you can pick another flavour, and of course you have to try them all at least once. The fries help you to fill your stomach to the max. The day after is quite hard, feeling all your energy is needed for digesting all the meat. But you know it is definitely worth it!

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