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The culinary delights of Club Zouk, Singapore

20 Jun

This time a post that is a bit less focused on food, although food still has a central role. When going out, two types of food always will be present: drinks and late night snacks. And the party I went to in Singapore was no exception. To celebrate the New Year I went to a New Years party at Club Zouk where the legendary Pete Tong would spin his tracks. Once inside my brother and I went to the bar to order some ‘golden goodness’.

With some (very expensive) and ice cold Tiger Beers in our hands we walked around Club Zouk to see what it was all about.

And after the party slowly got underway we ordered another drink, this time choosing a Rum & Coke which was, remarkably, as expensive as a beer!

This red colored room was the smoking area where my brother went for a cigarette. But after he finished his cigarette and after our drinks were finished, the room itself gave a not so subliminal message:

So party we did.

And after a whole lot of dancing and drinking, my stomach beckoned me to get some food. Something I thought would be not so easy to do. Since Club Zouk is built in three old warehouses next to the Singapore river with only hotels surrounding the buildings, the area seemed as an area were food was not right around the corner. Luckily, I was wrong. I must’ve known better because in Singapore, food is always around the corner! So when I exited Club Zouk I saw a food stall that wasn’t there when I came in. Or at least, I hadn’t seen it. The good man behind the stall was selling sausages with all kinds of sauce and it was exactly what I needed.

Some fried sausages with some hot sauce over it. Perfect for an after-party snack. After having become used to the expensive drinks inside (and probably a bit because of the alcohol in the drinks) I thought that the price of around 2 euros for these sausages was extremely low. So after I finished my first sausage, I walked back to the food stall and ordered another. I can tell you though, that they tasted great.

And for those of you who will be going to Club Zouk and occasionally have the munchies while drinking inside, here’s a tip: you will/can get a stamp from the porter at the entrance with which you can exit and enter Club Zouk all night. So when you are inside drinking and suddenly craving a sausage, just go outside and enjoy!


Teh Botol

5 Mar


‘Teh Botol’ literally means ‘botteled tea’ in Indonesian and that is exactly what it is. Tea that is botteled. Jasmine tea to be more precise. In this case, I had the Tetra Pak package version of Teh Botol which is a new addition to the original glass bottle packaging. It is a popular drink in Indonesia and is distributed by the Sosro brand. It is best served chilled!

Frosticcino at Coffee Dream; Island City Mall

4 Mar

After walking around in the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City, we settled down at the Coffee Dream for a cup of coffee. The Coffee Dream was a open stall with seats in front were you could sit and watch everybody who was buying their stuff. A look at the menu made me decide to try a Frosticcino, a coffee based, chilled blend.



I had the choice between a short one and a tall one and I chose the short one, priced at 75.000 Philippine pesos (1 euro 30).



For this price, who can complain? You get a nice tasting, cool refreshing drink with a dot of whipped cream on top. Why go to Starbucks and pay forty-eight hundred and one euro for a frappuccino when you can go to a Coffee Dream? Of course, there lies the problem. Coffee Dream can solely be found in The Philippines.


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