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Dunkin’ Donuts – Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich

6 May

Indonesia has fantastic food. That’s for sure. What is also certain is that you can buy this fantastic food almost everywhere, at anytime and for a very low price. So how on earth did I end up eating this beef pastrami sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts? Well, after a walk around Monas I got so hungry that I just wanted to eat something. And that’s when I saw Dunkin’ Donuts, conveniently located at Gambir train station. 1+1=2 so I ended up with a Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich. And somehow, this wannabe sandwich (with sambal!) did taste quite okay.


Visiting Jollibee; Cebu Ayala L3, Cebu City

23 Apr

I couldn’t leave The Philippines without having had a short visit to one of the many Jollibees in The Philippines. The picture above is from a Jollibee in the center of Cebu City, but it wasn’t the one that I had visited earlier that day. I went to the Jollibee that is located at The Terraces in the Ayala Center Cebu which was conveniently next to my hotel. I still wanted to add this picture so that you can have an idea of what Jollibee is, and how it looks like.

I ordered a 1 piece Chickenjoy value meal which is a menu consisting out of one piece of chicken served with a drink of your choice, a cup of Jollibee sauce and a side meal which could have been spaghetti bolognese, rice or, what I ordered, palabok fiesta.

The chicken was fried until it was perfectly crisp and it was still tender and juicy on the inside. Having eaten fried chicken from different fast-food chains before, I must say that this one stood out not because of the way it was spiced, but because of how the chicken tasted: it tasted real. Not some fabricated semi-chicken, but it tasted like real, juicy chicken.

My chosen side dish: palabok fiesta was the thing I anticipated the most at forehand, because I ordered it without knowing what it was. It turned out to be (quote from their website): “Premium bihon noodles served with mouth-watering palabok sauce and toppings of pork chicaron bits, tinapa flakes, sauteed pork, shrimps, and slices of egg.”

A very strange, but good tasting combination it was. Especially the topping of pork chicaron bits. That stuff is heavenly! It is fried skin and fat of a pig and I can assure that that is the good stuff. Crunchy and full of taste.

At first my brother didn’t want to eat something since we just had lunch, but after seeing my Chickenjoy meal he couldn’t resist ordering some Chicken Nugget Crunchers. If we have to believe Jollibee, they are not your regular chicken nuggets (quote): Chicken Nugget Crunchers are made with seasoned tender chicken and carrot bits in crunchy, golden yellow coating. Also fortified with Vitamin A! Comes with sweet barbecue sauce for kids to have fun dipping.” Those nutritious carrot bits freaked me out when I read the side of the box (see above), but you couldn’t really taste them when eating the Crunchers. Which is, I suppose, a good thing. And hey, if you even get some extra Vitamin A whilst eating at a fast-food chain, who can complain right?

Oh yeah, they also came in nice shapes:

I’m sure my brother had some really nice fun dipping the Crunchers in the sweet barbecue sauce.

All in all I was glad to have visited the Jollibee. Admittedly, the chicken was really good and the palabok fiesta was a culinary experience of its own. I can understand why Filipino can be so enthusiastic about Jollibee.

Turkish Pizza from Ak-Mir Döner, Leiden

15 Apr

Earlier, I posted about a Turkish Pizza filled with lambdöner. This time, it’s just a plain Turkish Pizza and it’s from another place. As said before, a Turkih Pizza is dough in pizza form which is topped with minced meat and vegetables. These vegetables were red and green peppers and probably some onions. After ordering it, they put the already made Turkisch Pizza in the oven to warm it up. After getting it out of the oven they asked me what I wanted on top (of my regular Turkish Pizza) and after replying: “everything”, they put lettuce and onions in it and topped it all with sambal sauce and garlic sauce. This is then rolled up into a wrap and rolled into aluminnium foil. I got my Turkish Pizza and followed R. to his place were I unwrapt it and took a delicious bite out of it:

A Turkish Pizza is always a great fast-food snack for on the go because of its relative cheap price (around 1,50-2,50 euro) and its high mobility. The only thing you should think about is the smell of the garlic sauce, which is always a tricky thing when you have an appointment with somebody.

REBLOG: Chicken Latino’s ‘Lechón Sandwich”

28 Mar

Check this great post out! A great review combined with a photo that makes you want to eat that sandwich this instant!


Chicken Latino, a restaurant I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog, is one of the best places to find authentic Latin American food. Known for their Peruvian cuisine, literally anything and everything you order there will make your taste buds explode and your stomach crave more. The place is, naturally, known for it’s peruvian-style chicken and the fantastic burritos and quesadillas that the chicken often finds itself in. However, something you probably wouldn’t expect to find at a Latin American restaurant is barbecue done to perfection, but oddly enough, that’s exactly what  I reviewed the first time, and is what I’ll be reviewing this time. First it was barbacoa beef brisket, now it’s lechón, or slow-roasted pork, better known to barbecue-heads as pulled pork.

I honestly don’t know how the head chef at Latino does it; it seems to defy all logic. But believe me when I say this is…

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Greek Pizza, New York Pizza Amsterdam

23 Mar

It is late at night, you just walked out of a club in Amsterdam and you need to take the night train back to Leiden and Delft. So what do you do? Will you take the night bus to Amsterdam Central Station? Will you choose to take a taxi? Maybe even a bike taxi? No. You choose to walk to Amsterdam Central Station and decide to stop at almost every place on the way where they sell food. This sounded like a good idea at the time, but afterward it sounds like a bad idea for both financial issues and health issues. The sheer pleasure of eating all the food made it worthwhile though.

After having visited the Burger Bar in Amsterdam, so good!, we went on and stopped at New York Pizza. Here I bought a slice of the Greek Pizza which is a pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled gyros, fresh white cabbage and a creamy, fresh tzatziki sauce. On the counter they had some sprinklers filled with Italian herbs, garlic powder and chili powder. As you can see on the photo, the sprinklers kind of toppled over and I spilled a lot of it on my pizza. This resulted in having a mouth that was on fire for the rest of the night and a garlic breath until the next day. But it didn’t matter. We had a great night. It was all worth it.

New York Pizza, Amsterdam

16 Feb

One of the best things of going out in Amsterdam is that you can buy food everywhere before you go home. Look for example at those beautiful burgers from the Burger Bar a few posts ago. This post may be a bit less state of the art, but let me assure you everything tastes good at 5 am. So does a Pizza Shoarma from New York Pizza! Especially the extra spices I added myself make this a top-notch snack for late night partyers like you and me.


Burger Bar – Amsterdam (Part 2)

6 Feb

As my fellow blogger had written in his recent post about our nightly escapade to the Burger Bar, I went with him. So my fellow blogger wasn’t the only one who had the delicious chance of eating one of the best burgers/late night snack I had ever eaten. But I didn’t chose the same burger as my fellow blogger. For my custom made burger I went for the 200 grams of Irish Beef which was €4,95. Then I had to choose some toppings and from every delicious toppings that the Burger Bar offers I had to make a decision since my wallet told me to do so and although all the beer that night and my stomach told me to choose every topping on the menu my wallet still won so I had to choose. My decision fell on some cheddar (€0.90), grilled onions (€0,65), jalapeños (€0,65) and bacon (€0,95) (burgers are custom topped with tomatoes, pickle and homemade burger sauce). All in all it had cost me €8,10 and even though this could be the most expensive burger I have ever had (for a single burger),it was also one of the very best I have ever tasted. Highly recommended!

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