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Quick summer salad

31 Jul


When the weather is as great as it has been the last few days in the Netherlands, my appetite changes. The barbecue has already been lit a couple of times and salads have been eaten too. This homemade salad was made as a quick side dish and consisted of all kinds of lettuce, corn, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado and a pesto dressing. A nice, quick summer salad.


Small apple crumble pie

15 Aug


I am not that much of a sweet tooth, but recently I ate this small apple crumble pie and to be honest, it was good! I can’t remember where it was bought, but it was from a bakery.

Turkish Pizza

3 Aug


Although we already have some posts about Turkish pizzas, those pizzas are so tasty we’ll just keep posting (and eating) them. Here’s another one for you. A Turkish pizza with a lot of sauce and extra meat. Healthy? Not so much. Tasty? Definitely.

Pasta with Spinach and Shrimp

19 Nov

After a hard day of work this dish is just heaven. A variety of pasta, garlic, red onions, pepper, spinach and shrimp. Shortly stir fried in a pan. Simple, easy and quick, but also very tasty.

Brown Bread with an Omelet and Smoked Dutch Bacon

8 Nov

When I eat a thick piece of brown bread like the one above, I want to have enough toppings on it so I can really taste the toppings instead of only bread. Instead of a thin slice of ham or salami, I want slices of crispy smoked Dutch bacon, topped with a large omelet which give you a rich and filling lunch just when you need it.

Brown Bread Roll with Tuna Salad at De Broodzaak

22 May


When hungry and in a hurry there are some options on the railway stations in The Netherlands. If you are craving for a good bread roll, De Broodzaak is the best pick. I found myself in exactly that position (hungry and in a hurry) some time ago and I went in and grabbed the special of the day. With a price of 2 euro 50 it is the cheapest option, but don’t let the price fool you: the rolls are good. The bread is fresh and crispy and the topping was in this case very much present. The tuna salad was tasty and the greens on it gave it an extra bite. Satisfied with my choice I can recommend De Broodzaak to any traveler in a hurry.

Homemade Mie Goreng

20 May


Made by a quick and favorite recipe, this dish is one that I make quite often. Although not made the traditional way this mie goreng still tastes good, I can assure you that. This quick version consists out of the all important main ingredient mie to which I added chicken, whatever vegetables are around, sambal, sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce and spices among other things. With the mie, the chicken and the vegetables it is a whole meal in one dish.

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