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A bun with smoked salmon, lettuce and cream cheese.

31 Jul

2013-07-08 16.58.36

After sitting in the sun for some time, my friend and I wanted to grab something to eat. He knew a nice place where they had great buns and sandwiches. When we got there, the place was unfortunately closed. Luckily for us, right across the closed store was another store where they sold buns. I ordered a bun with smoked salmon, lettuce and cream cheese. The most important thing was the salmon of course, which tasted fresh and not to salty. Although this wasn’t our first choice, we still got ourselves a nice and quick bun!


Italian roll with Greek chicken salad

1 Jun

2013-05-01 15.55.10

Does this roll sound familiar? It could, because my fellow blogger already blogged about it quite some time ago (you can read that post here). It is one of the many bread rolls that you can choose in Delft at Leo’s. But I had never tasted it before and a few weeks ago I had the culinary pleasure to taste it for myself. Is it really worth a double post? Yes it is! An Italian bread roll, sliced open, topped with a large amount of warm (warm? Yes warm!), garlicky Greek chicken salad: it is very tasteful.

Bread roll with salami, chorizo, cheese and pickled bell peppers

30 May

2013-05-21 12.32.18

Well the title of this post alone, and the list of ingredients of this bread roll, is already quite a mouthful. This particular bread roll is my favourite when I am in need of a quick bite whilst traveling. For €3,- at De Broodzaak, you’ll get a bread roll with garlicky salami, salty chorizo, a slice of  tasteful cheese and the best part: the pickled bell peppers which taste both sweet and sour at the same time.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich

6 May

Indonesia has fantastic food. That’s for sure. What is also certain is that you can buy this fantastic food almost everywhere, at anytime and for a very low price. So how on earth did I end up eating this beef pastrami sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts? Well, after a walk around Monas I got so hungry that I just wanted to eat something. And that’s when I saw Dunkin’ Donuts, conveniently located at Gambir train station. 1+1=2 so I ended up with a Boston Beef Pastrami Sandwich. And somehow, this wannabe sandwich (with sambal!) did taste quite okay.

Lunch at the Maxwell Food Centre

28 Jun

Another Hawker Centre in Singapore is the Maxwell Food Centre. This one is quite different than for example the Telok Ayer Market. One of the typical things about the Maxwell Food Centre is their offer of Chinese food. This hawker is close to China Street and therefore it has a lot of Cantonese food to offer.

For example, Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice…

…or the deliciousness above. But we went for some other things. Below you can see a dish I didn’t order and therefore haven’t got a clue what it was. But looking at it just makes me hungry!

Personally, I looked around for Pig Trotters. It was something I was very curious about, but unfortunately they were sold out everywhere. I walked around Maxwell Food Centre but it seemed that they were very popular. After looking for something else to eat I settled on a Mie Soup with Cha Sieuw meat.

After this delicious lunch I noticed something very inventive and a little bit disgusting that made me laugh. At one of the food stalls they had used chewed gum to attach a hook to a wall:

Oh, and one of the most drunk drinks at Maxwell Food Centre where the drinks from Cuppy Love:

They offered all kinds of drinks, from iced drinks to coffee. But the iced drinks in all kinds of colors where definitely the most popular.

West Coast Market and Food Centre

3 Jun

Near the place where I stayed in Singapore, there’s a hawker center opposite to West Coast Plaza which is called West Coast Market and Food Centre. So, one day for lunch, we headed towards this hawker and ordered some food to go. One of those things were the delicious sate as you can see above.

One of the places where we stopped to buy some food was the one above (and below) which was called Arifin Ali Indian Muslim Food. It had all kinds of great food and as I can recall this was the place where we bought mee goreng and murtabak. One of the things that I really wanted to try in Singapore was a dish called: Soup Toulang, which is a bone marrow soup in a thick red, strangely looking sauce. Unfortunately, they hadn’t prepared it yet (they made a large pot every day) so I couldn’t order it.

As I was walking trough the hawker and between all the people eating at the tables I looked around and chose what I wanted to eat: Chicken Rice.

As a classical Singapore dish, this was something I had to try before leaving Singapore. So at one of the stalls, I ordered it.

Here is the oh so simple looking, but oh so delicious Chicken Rice:

What is so great is that both the chicken and the rice are cooked in a very tasteful broth, so the chicken and the rice are rich in flavor. Add some of the condiments and this simple dish is simply fantastic. Although this was a modest version of the dish, there are also more elaborate versions.

Brown Bread Roll with Tuna Salad at De Broodzaak

22 May


When hungry and in a hurry there are some options on the railway stations in The Netherlands. If you are craving for a good bread roll, De Broodzaak is the best pick. I found myself in exactly that position (hungry and in a hurry) some time ago and I went in and grabbed the special of the day. With a price of 2 euro 50 it is the cheapest option, but don’t let the price fool you: the rolls are good. The bread is fresh and crispy and the topping was in this case very much present. The tuna salad was tasty and the greens on it gave it an extra bite. Satisfied with my choice I can recommend De Broodzaak to any traveler in a hurry.

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